New Orient

10203 E. Iliff Ave.
Aurora, CO 80231

This is the place to sip a cold Tsing Tao, "33" Export or Tiger Beer and munch on goi cuon, the special rice-paper wrapped rolls of barbeque pork, cucumber and noodles. While the appetizers, entrees and noodle dishes are strictly Vietnamese, New Orient freshens them up. One summer favorite is bo luc lac or "French steak." Marinated grilled sirloin comes sliced atop tomato, lettuce and onions with soy dipping sauce. Seafood Vietnamese-style comes in the form of piquant lemongrass shrimp and pork and shrimp kebobs. Ask about some of the chef’s innovative specials such as halibut with spicy cranberry sauce. **

Havana Corridor
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Price Range:
$ $$ ($10-15)