Sae Jong Kwan

2680 S. Havana St.
Aurora, CO 80014

Yes indeedy! Time to tell you about another pearl on Havana Street.
This one is located in the same stripmall as J’Shabu (see previous review), near Havana and Yale. Its full name is Sae Jong Kwan, but the Korean-language sign simply spells out Sae Jong, while the English one says "Korean BBQ".
Still with me? Good, because you won’t want to miss this. When you enter, you will notice that each table is equipped with its very own buzzer. When pressed, this sets off a signal at the back of the room that will summon a server directly to you. Nifty!
The menu is extensive and varied, and a number of the Lunch options come in an elegant lacquered box called a Dosirak divided neatly into compartments. Therefore, if you order Bulgogi (tender grilled beef) or Dak Gui (zesty marinated chicken) you may also be treated to Chapchae (thin noodles with vegetables), or a cool refreshing salad, or… well, who knows what you may find? There are of course options available to grill your own meats at the table too.
If this notion just isn’t tickling your fancy, never fear! There are plenty of other choices. How about a nice big bowl of comforting Doenjang Chigae (bean paste stew with mushrooms and onions) or invigorating Gamjatang (spicy potato and pork spine soup)? Throw in an order of Bindaeduk (green bean pancakes), or maybe Mandu (steamed dumplings) and there you go!
Naturally, the meal also comes with a number of Banchan (side dishes), as is customary. On any given day you could partake in egg custard cubes, seaweed salad, dried fish, or crunchy lotus root. Or a myriad (OK, maybe not quite *that* many) of other possibilities.
In Korean it’s known as Sae Jong Kwan, but I like to call it just plain tasty. -Mark T., Aurora, CO,

Havana Corridor
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$ $$ ($10-15)