SunBurst Grill

2295 S. Chambers Rd.
Aurora, CO 80014

Filipino cuisine is a glorious mashup of Asian and Western flavors, and this is the only restaurant in the metro area where you’ll find it. Favorites include satay-like barbecue chicken, craveable lumpiang (fried spring rolls), and lechon (roasted suckling pig). Take a chance on sisig. Think fried pork cheeks and pig ears chopped and sauteed with vinegar, onions and peppers on a sizzling fajita platter topped by a raw egg. Table condiments include fermented fish sauce and vinegar with onions. The must-have side dish is buttery rice absolutely blasted with garlic. On a warm day enjoy an ice-cold calamansi, the sweet-tart Filipino limeade. Finally, take in a halo halo, a dessert adventure involving coconut milk, crushed ice, gelatin cubes, tapioca pearls and purple yam ice cream. **

I-225/City Center Corridor
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$ $ ($5-10)