Frozen Treats in February? Don’t mind if we do!
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Food and Drink

Frozen Treats in February? Don’t mind if we do!

National Frozen Yogurt Day is Happening Feb. 6

January 23, 2018

Move over Valentine’s Day, there’s tastier holiday in February. National Frozen Yogurt Day is happening February 6. While it may be chilly outside, we’re never too cold to grab a frozen treat! Here’s a quick list of Aurora eateries where you can celebrate this fun holiday.

The Poke Story
23955 E Plaza Ave Unit G-103
Instagram-worthy frozen yogurts and ice cream creations are what you’ll find at The Poke Story. They’re Colorado’s first Taiyaki soft serve shop, complete with out-of-the-box flavors and fish-shaped cones.

Sweet Cow
Stanley Marketplace
2501 N. Dallas Street Ste. 146
Small batch ice cream and frozen yogurt is at the center of Sweet Cow’s philosophy. You’ll find classic American flavors, like chocolate chip cookie dough and apple pie. Bonus, they only use compostable and recyclable products which reduces your carbon footprint!

Neveria La Mexicana
9509 E Colfax Ave
With unique juices, sweet smoothies and flavorful frozen yogurt, Neviera La Mexicana has something for everyone. You’ll love the traditional Mexican flavors bursting within each sweet treat. They even have a food menu on site if you’re feeling a little hungrier.

Yo Craze Frozen Yogurt
18801 E Hampden Ave, #174
Classic flavors and an entire store filled with crazy toppings is what makes Yo Craze Frozen Yogurt well, crazy! Frozen Yogurt Lovers are welcome to create their own cones or bowls while selecting their toppings, sauces and more.

Leche Y Miel
12415 E Mississippi Ave
Aside from being a well-loved Mexican ice cream and frozen yogurt shop, Leche Y Miel, also serves up other sugary treats. Their handmade frozen yogurt, sweet crepes, smoothies, and ice cream bars are just a few of the other things they offer.

There are plenty more frozen yogurt and ice cream places scattered throughout Aurora. Who knows, celebrating a simple holiday might be the beginning of a new family tradition!

Photos courtesy of Forty Degrees Photography