Meet in the Mountains: Mastering the Colorado Causal Look

Meet in the Mountains: Mastering the Colorado Causal Look

September 18, 2017

Here in the mountains, we have a different way of doing things. The ‘Colorado Casual’ style combines comfort with professionalism and a hint of adventure. Here’s how you can prepare for your next convention, meeting, or trip to this Rocky Mountain state.


Wear Structured Jackets

At its core, the Colorado Casual style relies upon well-fitted clothing. When packing, choose structured jackets including blazers, coats and even canvas-like materials. Pairing a jacket with jeans or causal pants will instantly ramp up the professionalism in your outfit without looking over-dressed. Try out patterned blazers to add a little flare to your look.


Bring Dark Wash Jeans

Everyone has a favorite pair of jeans, right? Here in Colorado, we can’t get enough of them. However, there are a few rules. Avoid any ill-fitting, baggy, or hole-ridden pairs. Black, charcoal, burgundy and dark wash denim are all great opinions. They’re versatile enough to be worn be in a semi-professional setting and out to after-hours offsite.


Boots are Colorado Staple

Aurora’s prairie pioneers make lived-in boots a lifestyle choice that carries over into trendy fashion. While styled correctly, boots can be an ideal choice for Colorado. Take a look at ankle booties in leather or suede. You can dress up an outfit by wearing boots with the slight heel. From dresses to jeans, boots are the perfect pairing.


Don’t Forget the Layers

While it may be 70 degrees in the metro, it’s a lot colder up on the mountain. Just a few thousand feet can really make a difference! Bring extra jackets, pants, even lightweight scarves to quickly transition between temperatures. That doesn’t go without saying, Colorado’s dry climate can be warm! Choosing outfits with optional layering will keep you comfortable like short sleeve shirts with a cute cardigan.


Leave Behind Your Power Suit

You’re definitely not in the traditional corporate world anymore. Power suits are a bit overdressed for Colorado. Avoid any matching suits, blazers, and skirts. Instead, choose a few professional pieces to pair with more casual outfits, like a denim jacket with tapered ankle pants or skinny jeans with a colorful blazer.


These are just a few tips and tricks to help you conquer your next event in Colorado! Mastering the ‘Colorado Causal’ style can be done with just the right amount of planning and mountain inspiration.