These 7 Day Hikes are the Perfect Way to Spend your Sunday

Looking for a little adventure this weekend? We’ve got you covered!

Here are 7 Day Hikes packed with Colorado’s infamous mountains, desert terrain, and insta-worthy views.

Rattlesnake Hill Trail

Distance: 1.5 miles

Challenge: Easy

Located near the northern half of Aurora, the Rattlesnake Hill Trail at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge is the perfect place to see Colorado’s finest wildlife! With more than 330 identified species on their 15,000 acres of protected land, these groomed trails are your access to viewing animals in their natural habitat. Did we mention the Bison roaming the plains here?

Cherry Creek Spillway Trail

Distance: 4.1 miles

Challenge: Easy

Starting at Tollgate Creek in Aurora, this wide-open trial is the perfect combo between distant city views and natural landscape. With multiple access points to other parks, including Wheel Park and Olympic, the Cherry Creek Spillway Trail is a great beginner hike for the whole family to enjoy. Biking is also encouraged.

Lake Loop Trail

Distance: 8.8 miles (roundtrip)

Challenge: Easy

Less than 25 miles from Aurora’s city center, Barr Lake State Park has impressive mountain views and provides a safe haven to more than 300 species of birds. This soft gravel trail offers multiple wildlife viewing areas and is ideal for hikers and trail runners alike.

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The Homestead Trail

Distance: approx. 4 miles (roundtrip)

Challenge: Medium

South of Aurora, hikers can seek out Castlewood Canyon, one of Colorado’s many state parks. Following the Cherry Creek River, hikers will notice the impressive geology, picturesque waterfalls, and colorful canyon views that make Castlewood Canyon standout on its own.

Elk Valley Trail

Distance: 4.8 miles (roundtrip)

Challenge: Medium

Roxborough State Park is known for its scenic views of the natural red rocks scatted throughout Colorado and its Elk Valley Trail will take you there. With beautiful formations and deep meadows its often a great place to catch a glimpse of wild deer, foxes, and more. Best of all? It’s less than 45 minutes away from Aurora, making it a great day hike for anyone.

Green Mountain Loop

Distance: 6 miles (roundtrip)

Challenge: Hard

Green Mountain is perfect for any hiker looking for a morning challenge. With an elevation gain of more than 2,800 feet, the Green Mountain Loop is on the difficult side of hikes. Those who venture will experience exceptional views of the Indian Peaks and a bird’s eye view of the city of Boulder, Colorado. Bonus: your furry friend is allowed to accompany you on this hike (wearing a leash, of course).

Chicago Lakes Hike

Distance: approx. 10 miles (roundtrip)

Challenge: Hard

If you’re ready to hike or head home, the Chicago Lakes Hike is for you. During this hike, you’ll pass two natural mountain lakes and experience the Mt. Evans wilderness in its finest display. While it’s a bit of a drive from Aurora, you’ll take in the soaring cliffs, mountain peaks, and beautiful wildflowers of this challenging, yet rewarding hike.



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