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Discover the flavors of Japan, Myanmar, and China without ever leaving the city limits. Aurora has 250+ ethnic eateries to choose from.

Here in Aurora, you can enjoy more than 250+ ethnic eateries without leaving city limits. Discover our latest picks for Myanmar, Japan, and southwestern China!


10180 E Colfax Ave | get directions

Discover Colorado’s first Burmese restaurant right here in Aurora. Located off of Colfax Avenue inside of an international food mall (the Mango House), Urban Burma is a modern-style restaurant severing a variety of Burmese style foods including fried rice, curries, samosas and noodle dishes. Diners rave about their Stir-Fried Veggies and the Tea Leaf Salad; a refreshing and savory dish served with fried peanuts, cabbage and more. Perfect for lunch, you’ll want to stay after and enjoy a hot coffee. Not hungry for a full meal? Order a fruit shake or enjoy an omelette with rice.


2222 S Havana Street Unit J | get directions

Slurp down a bowl of classic Japanese ramen at Aurora’s newest ramen restaurant – Menya Ramen & Poke. Located on Havana Street, one of the city’s iconic international food hubs, you’ll find a modest variety of in-house ramen and poke bowls. This cozy joint is perfect for a quick afternoon lunch or grabbing a late-night bite to eat before exploring the other ethnic eats of Havana Street. Try something from their small bite’s menu, like the Avocado Boat or steamed pork buns or go big with one of more than ten different ramen bowls in flavors such as Kimchi, Spicy Chicken, and Udon.

14045 E Evans Ave | get directions

Bring the family to discover hibachi (sitting tableside amongst Japanese chefs). This dining experience lets you watch in awe as trained chefs prepare your food right before you. Their menu consists of classic meat and veggie stir-fries, grilled shrimp, fried rice, and more. Once ready, the chef serves you directly from the grill. Perfect for families or groups, hibachi gives options for a variety of diners. If you’re not looking to sit near the grill, Sakura also has an in-house sushi bar complete with rolls, entrees, and sashimi.


2000 S Havana St | get directions

Shi Mia Dao, a widely popular noodle restaurant in China, only has a handful of locations in North America and you can try them right here in Aurora. Discover the city’s first Yunnanese Rice Noodle location for a tasty lunch or dinner. These noodles are just as fast as they are delicious: they cook in 10 seconds and have a variety of stir-in ingredients including corn, thinly sliced beef, spring onions, and more. Rice noodles have ancient origins that combine Vietnamese and Chinese cultures. Slurp away!

2751 S Parker Rd. Ste B | get directions

Perfect for foodies and those looking for a truly authentic experience, New Canton BBQ is a must-stop for lovers of Chinese BBQ. Tucked away, this cozy restaurant has only a handful of tables and specializes in roasted duck. Diners rave about their roasted pork and crispy duck entrees, which overflow with flavor and spice. If you’re looking for something different, order their noodle soups, complete with shrimp dumplings and more.



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