Best Cakes in Aurora

I’d like the cake, with a side cake, please!

Planning a company event? Celebrating something big? Maybe you’re just really in the mood for a slice of heavenly cake. We’ve got you covered. Here’s our list of the best cake shops in Aurora.

2680 S. Havana St. | get directions

With all the options at Yum Yum Cake & Pastries, you’ll have a hard time settling on the cake! The shelves at this cozy café and bakery are lined with Korean-style pastries, although you can find macaroons and bread twists throughout. Try one of their cakes, usually decorated with fresh fruit or intricate chocolate designs. These classy cakes are perfect for feeding a group of six to eight and come with a variety of toppings. If you’re looking for something on-the-go, try their cake rolls in matcha green tea flavor.

12253 E. Iliff Ave. | get directions

Put your trust in a French bakery that’s been operating in Aurora for more than 20 years. Daniel’s of Paris specializes in custom cakes, French pastries, cookies, and even sweet breakfast items. Their 11-item standard menu features a chocolate mousse cake, caramel delight, and Chantal, which is a chocolate base cake, amaretto syrup, hazelnut mousse filling, covered in chocolate ganache and topped with roasted almonds. Yum! They also have seasonal cakes and specialty cakes, including a Mocha Buttercream. Daniel’s of Paris offers gluten-free cakes and cookies too, just give them a heads-up when ordering.

9541 E Colfax Ave. | get directions

While you may not find a vast variety of classic “cakes”, this locally-operated Mexican bakery serves up some of the metro’s best choncas, otherwise known as Mexican Sweet Bread. These brightly colored breads are dense and filled with sweetness inside a crunchy exterior. They come in a variety of flavors, grab the concha con queso. It’s filled with cream cheese! You’ll also find cupcakes, fruit-filled pastries, cookies, donuts, sweet yellow cake, and so much more.

2761 S Parker Rd. | get directions

Settle in for an afternoon at Mr. Bakery. This homestyle-meets-modern café and coffee shop has roll cakes that will blow your mind. In flavors such as pineapple, blueberry, vanilla, mocha green tea and strawberry, you’ll wonder why you’ve never visited before. Each cake is sold by the unit or individually packed to enjoy alongside a cup of coffee. Mr. Bakery also has sponge cakes, red bean pastries, raspberry cookies, and more just in case the cake didn’t fill you.

2000 S. Havana St. | get directions

From birthday cakes to cute cupcakes, Honey Bakery has a delightful selection of sweet treats for you to customize. Alongside classic American cake flavors, like chocolate and vanilla, this Korean-style bakery has traditional flavors you can’t find everywhere. Locals suggest trying their mochi cake, which is filled with chestnuts, red beans and more. Located inside the H Mart on Havana Street, stop by before doing some shopping, you might even nab a free sample!

10720 E Iliff Ave | get directions

Green. Tea. Flavored. Cake. This Korean-style bakery is filled to the brim with pastries, cookies, breads, and yes – cakes! Most cakes can be customized to your exact requests. Their popular cakes are fruit topped, green tea flavored, vanilla, and chocolate. Grab a slice of the strawberry vanilla cake, stacked in three layers with different fillings. Or grab a pre-sliced cake roll in a select variety of flavors.

2780 Tower Rd. | get directions

Discover delightfully cute cake bars in a variety of seasonal and classic flavors. Made in Aurora, Colorado, Ticklebelly Cakes creates grab-n-go cakes on a stick, perfect for parties or other gatherings. In flavors like chocolate peanut butter, cookies n’ cream, and dark chocolate, you’ll need to try them all. Ticklebelly Cakes also has mini cakes which are made to enjoy on your own or with a friend. Their flavors range from lemon meringue to Italian tiramisu!


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