Best Ice Cream Shops in Aurora

Need a place to escape the heat and grab a quick treat? Check out these unique sweet ice cream spots around town.

Sweet Cow
2501 N, Stanley Market, Dallas St

Looking for more than your standard flavors? Sweet Cow has got your back with their ever-changing menu of flavors, from Gatorade sorbet to lavender honey, in addition to ice cream shop staples. Sweet Cow is a perfect place to expand your ice cream horizons while enjoying a break from the heat.

Neveria Las Mariposas
2300 South Chambers Road

This local ice cream shop serves up homemade ice cream with fresh ingredients. If ice cream isn’t your cup of tea, try their hand-crafted crepes, esquites (street corn), or bionicos (fruit salad with cream, granola, and honey). Spice up your summer with a mangonada, a mango and chili powder smoothie at Neveria Las Mariposas.

Milkroll Creamery Aurora
2712 S Havana Street Unit A

The Milkroll Creamery serves up delicious treats with style. Each ice cream dish is crafted into rose-shaped rolls with unique combinations, such as Y.O.L.O (you obviously love oreo) or their Matcha Made in Heaven. This is a great place to check out for those looking to try unique ice cream flavors or have dietary restrictions.

Leche y Miel
12415 E Mississippi Ave

This is the place to be if you want more homemade refreshing treats with a twist. This local shop is here to fulfill your sweet and savory fix with its fresh fruit popsicles, unique ice cream flavors, and crepes. While much of their menu is in Spanish, don’t be deterred as the kind people behind the counter can help find you the perfect treat.

5612 S. Parker Rd

Unique treats put Snowl on the map as their ice cream has the texture of snow but the sweet taste of ice cream. From their world-renowned boba to Taiyaki (waffle cones shaped like fish), this sweet shop is the perfect place to meet up and cool off from the summer heat.



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