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Discover Aurora’s Only Small Batch Cidery & Tasting Room

Take a sip of something new that’s pressed, fermented, and bottled right here in Aurora, CO. The doors of Haykin Family Cider opened in February 2018 and is the city’s only cidery specializing in small-batch tastings and bottles for purchase.

Hard cider isn’t a beer or wine; it’s something completely different although its production process is nearly identical to winemaking. With a crisp, bubbly sweetness, Haykin Family Cider captures the unique flavor from locally sourced apples that rank far above anything you can buy at your local grocery store. With cider varieties such as Spitzenburg, Opal, and Dabinette – you’ll be curious to try them all.

We took part in a private tasting with founders and owners, Talia and Daniel Haykin. Skilled in their craft, the Haykins turned their home-cider operation into a swanky tasting room for the weekend warrior. Deemed the perfect afternoon activity, their striking operation is characteristic of the clean, airy drinks they serve. Hanging bubble lights above the intimate tasting bar mimic the fizzy nature of the two-ingredient ciders. Here, no detail is amiss.

In a similar fashion to wine tasting, visitors are treated to 3oz pours of their seven single-varietal tasting ciders. As Cidermaker, Daniel explained their small-batch menu is continuously rotating. And once they’re gone, you might never see it again.

The People

It may come as a surprise, but Daniel has no formal cider training. This Aurora native is self-taught through late nights of reading and research. And with Colorado’s seemingly perfect fruit-growing climate, all cider signs started to add up. “We were making this for ourselves before we even had a store,” explained Daniel. “This really is a passion business for us,” he said.

As Talia explained, their mission is simple; “we make what we want to drink.” Turns out, lots of people like what they’re making. As amateur cider-makers, Daniel and Talia have quite a bit of hardware to showcase, including international accolades. Daniel is pretty serious about what goes into his ciders. It’s only yeast and single varietal apples. Once fermented, he lets the natural ingredients speak for themselves.

The Cider

Visitors are encouraged to try each cider on the tasting menu. Haykin Family Ciders are free from added sugar, flavors, and concentrates which allows the apples to take center stage in the flavor profile.

There’s the Johnathan, known as the summer cider. It’s light, crisp, slightly tart wrapped together in a sweetness. Talia explained the first apples to ripen in the season are crisp and refreshing. As the season fizzles out, the flavors mature to produce robust, caramel flavors. It’s best compared to “tasting like the leaves are changing.”

The Dabinett is the Cabernet of the cider world and is paired well with roasted chicken and other modern American foods served at Annette (where you can have it by the glass). You might see familiar flavors, as Honeycrisp highlighted as the best fit for a Thanksgiving meal or the Ruby Jon, bursting with maple undernotes and deep flavors.

It’s your turn for a tasting!

You can visit Haykin Family Cider in Aurora at 12001 E 33rd Ave Unit D. They’re open Thursday and Friday from 5:30 PM – 10:00 PM, Saturday from 2:00 PM – 10:00 PM, and Sunday 2:00 PM – 8:00 PM. Learn more about their bottles for purchase on their website.


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