Explore the Colfax Canvas Murals with Audio Tour

The first-ever Colfax Canvas Mural Festival was held on Saturday, Aug 1, 2020. During this event, “The murals were selected and strategically placed bringing life and color to what is considered an already vibrant neighborhood.” If you didn’t attend the event, you could still view the murals on your own with a guided audio tour.

Colfax Canvas Audio Tour in Aurora, Colorado 2020

Ryan Foo, Co-CEO/Director of Operations with the Black Actors Guild, provides a stop-by-stop tour for visitors to enjoy from the comfort and safety of their own cars. Visit www.colfaxcanvas.com to listen to the entirety of the audio tour as you explore nearly a dozen murals in the Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) on Colfax Avenue.

The best part? These murals are here to stay! Also, the audio tour can be accessed anytime between now and August 2021.

Colfax Canvas Murals in Aurora, CO

Each muralist has a distantly unique style that showcases the diversity in our city, both in culture and art. ACAD is home to a variety of eateries, local businesses, galleries, and performance spaces. One major stop on tour, The People’s Building, typically holds dozens of events each year, all determined to celebrate the community while sharing some of the best performances, concerts, and speakers in Aurora and beyond.

The audio tour gives visitors information on cornerstone locations in ACAD. Visitors can expect detailed descriptions of the artists’ style and the buildings and businesses where the murals are located.

Colfax Canvas Murals in Aurora, CO

During the tour, visitors will see the work of Detour. His work has been featured inside Stanley Marketplace, the RiNo district in Denver, and more. Visitors can also catch a glimpse of work by other street artists including, Chad Bolsinger, Phero, Hiero, and more.

Exploring murals up-close is also a possibility. Visitors and locals are welcome to walk the route while viewing at their own pace.

The Colfax Canvas Mural Festival is just one of the many art-focused events supported by ACAD. For more information, visit The People’s Building for upcoming events and more.