Aurora's Ethnic Eateries

In Aurora, you can discover more than 250 international eateries without ever leaving city limits. Enjoy our latest picks for Korean fried chicken and Hawaiian poke bowls.

Korean Fried Chicken in Aurora Colorado

Angry Chicken
1930 S Havana Street #13 | get directions

Angry Chicken only opened a few years ago, but their Korean fried chicken is wildly popular. Rice flour is the base that makes the chicken crispier and gluten-free. Try it with one of the delicious sauces. Served in a variety of ways, there are terrific flavor options. Want something spicy? Check out the angry sauce which is not given the option of being tossed. They also serve up oven-baked wings and more.

Vons Chicken
12101 E Iliff Avenue Unit K | get directions

Described as one of the best Korean fried chicken locations in Aurora, Vons Chicken is a must. With a simple menu, it makes it easy to find something to love. From sweet to spicy, their fried chicken comes in a variety of flavors. Consider getting the whole size to split with your family or order something just for you during lunch. Check out their sides especially the cheddar french fries.

Funny Plus
2779 S Parker Road | get directions

This authentic Korean restaurant has been a favorite since its doors opened in 2008. From BBQ to stews, there are many dishes to try. Fried chicken is the go-to for many locals. Try the spicy chicken if you are feeling adventurous, or check out the Korean style. Pick a sauce to go with it. Best part? This chicken is so good you probably won’t want leftovers!

A fresh bowl of poke in Aurora Colorado

Poke Story
23955 E Plaza Avenue Unit G-103 | get directions

Choose your own adventure when it comes to eating at Poke Story. As the name suggests, it is a create your own story. The menu is the chapters and it makes the story of the meal. From tuna to tofu, there are many protein options to add to your customized bowl. Then choose the sauce, the crunch, and the toppings. Not interested in a customizable meal? Order one of the signature stories. This fun take on healthy and nutritious cuisine makes it a must-add to the restaurant lists.

Poke Concept
14302 E Cedar Avenue | get directions

Partake in the healthy and bold flavors that Poke Concept has to offer. Pick your own combinations to create a new and unique dish. Try spinach noodles as a base or be bold and choose octopus for a protein. Add the crunch with jalapeno and cucumber while adding a little wasabi aioli for that slight kick. Whatever combinations you want to try, there are endless possibilities. Finish it off with spam musubi, spam on black rice wrapped in seaweed.

Poke City
6750 S Cornerstar Way Unit D | get directions

Located in the Cornerstar shopping center, Poke City offers a variety of savory dishes to create. Choose a signature bowl to make decision making easier, or create a masterpiece of your own. Try a white rice base with shrimp, veggies, and the house sauce. Add flaming hot Cheetos to the top for some crunch and heat. With the five-step create-your-own process, there are countless possibilities for a tasty meal.