What type of event planner do you think you are?

Every detail is perfect, your attendees are happy, and the venue is more beautiful than you remember.

Sound like the ultimate meeting planner dream, right? We all know it doesn’t happen overnight! See what type of meeting planner you are.

1. The Busy Bee

An off day? You’ve never heard of it. Planner in hand, you’re never late or unprepared for meeting. Sometimes referred to as “best in the biz” by good friends and clients, you’re a seasoned meeting planner with a personal list of connections, contacts, and picture-perfect venues. For you, it’s not just a job. It’s your passion!

2. The Visionary

Attendees are in awe at your events and the sky is the limit for your creativity. Your events are elaborate and you never do the same things twice. Because in this job, dreams really do come true. You love surprising attendees with off the wall ideas and venues. We wouldn't be suprised if one of your planned events showed up in a magazine lookbook (or two!)

3. The Trendsetter

You know what’s hot and new in the event industry. While tech can be intimidating to some planners, you’re always looking for the latest trends to dazzle your attendees. Coffee is ordered in app and your tablet never dies because you’ve got this cool portable charger everyone wants. Your strength is in knowing what’s ahead next in the industry and your clients (and some friends) rely on your insight.

4. The Social Butterfly

When you love what you do you never work a day in your life, right? Well, that’s how it feels! Between client events, social networking, after-work meetings, and more, you’re always on the job. Adored by clients and vendors alike, you’ve got a long list of contacts and work-friendships that make your job just a little easier. Besides! When the work is done, it’s time for some fun!

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