Ina Gasich | Second Quarter Far From Ordinary Award Winner 2018

Visit Aurora is proud to announce Ina Gasich as the winner of the quarterly Far From Ordinary Award of Excellence.

Visit Aurora is proud to announce Ina Gasich, Sales Lead and Key Holder at Trunk Nouveau at Stanley Marketplace, as the winner of the quarterly Far From Ordinary Award of Excellence. With a knack for compassion, Ina is beloved by the Trunk Nouveau’s first-timers and regulars.

Owners of Trunk Nouveau and Nominators, Chris and Stephanie Bacorn, described Ina as “customer compassion in the most unlikely package.” Her dedication to the customer experience goes above and beyond expectations. One example stood out amongst the others.

Ina befriended a family with a five-year-old daughter and infant with special needs. Chris describes Ina’s willingness to go the extra mile to ensure the five-year-old feels special and take care of each time she walks into the store. Now, the family visits Trunk Nouveau every week to say hi to their special friend, Ina.

“The reason I think she’s far from ordinary is that Ina doesn’t see that she’s doing anything special, it’s just who she is,” said Chris.

Ina has worked for Chris and Stephanie for over five years at their other location, Soul Haus, before jumping over to the Stanley Marketplace location. “We’re really big on customer service, and I’m the ambassador in terms of helping customers out, making sure they find what they’re looking for and helping tourists find cool spots around town to go to,” Ina explained.

Put plainly, her passion is people. “It’s all about the people. I love getting to meet people from all over the’s just fun because I get to vicariously travel through them,” said Ina.

Regarding winning the Far From Ordinary Award of Excellence, it came as a surprise to Ina.

“I am blown away by it. I am literally just doing my job every single day, I didn’t realize I was doing anything out of the ordinary or anything like that. I’m just doin’ what I like doin’.”

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