Murals Representing Diversity, Pride, and Hope Live in Aurora, Colorado

Meet the Brazilian Muralist, Jiacuy Roche, who’s bringing culture to the walls of Stanley Marketplace and beyond.

Jiacuy Roche

Jiacuy Roche didn’t begin her career as a muralist. But some of the best creations come from an idea and a whole lot of paint.

Roche has been a contemporary artist for more than a decade, and her style is heavily influenced by her African, Latin, and Indian roots. This, combined with American influences including legendary R&B singer/songwriter Lauryn Hill, has worked in perfect unison to create awe-inspiriting murals inside Stanley Marketplace and beyond.

“My muralist journey began from word of mouth,” explained Roche. Building connections in the Aurora-Denver art scene, Roche showcased her piece “Abstract Thinker,” an art exhibition hosted by the Aurora Cultural Arts District. It was there she met RiNo Art District Co-Founder & Executive Director, Tracy Weil.

“Tracy suggested that I should do murals when I participated in the art exhibition at the People’s Building Grand Opening,” said Roche. And shortly after, she received an email about a mural request at Stanley Marketplace.

“When your art speaks volumes, people will gravitate to it and support however they can.”
Afro Flower Mural in Aurora Colorado by Jiacuy Roche.

Roche’s mural “Afro-Flower Lady” graces a wall inside the first floor of Stanley Marketplace. This bold and brightly colored mural in hues of purple, pink, and yellow has shapes designed to bring movement to the piece.

“The vibrant colors of the lady’s poised and dramatic Afro with the purple hibiscus flowers bursting out of her fro capture people’s eye,” explained Roche. “My art brings together multicultural traditions representing a strong diversity and unique style of art everyone can relate to.”

Roche said her artwork fit right in at Stanley Marketplace, the bright colors and contemporary feel made it easy to sign on for another mural in July 2020.

“Black Butterfly” located on the wall between Trunk Nouveau and Sterre is a rendition of Roche’s original black and white mixed media artwork featuring the likeness of Lauren Hill.

“The butterfly on Lauryn’s hair represents hope, life, and change. The circles symbolize eternity and surround the side profile of Lauryn’s confident and strong face as she looks off into the distance. The art portrays more of an emotion of calmness, and gives off a classic, elegance of sophistication,” highlighted Roche.

Black Butterfly Mural in Aurora Colorado by Jiacuy Roche.

Visitors can also see Roche’s first outdoor mural off of Colfax Avenue in Aurora. “Butterfly Magic,” located at 13100 E. Colfax, is a 20ft piece complete with eye-catching contrast between a blue background sprinkled with warmly colored butterflies alongside a woman and child.

With three different murals in Aurora, Roche says she’s ready for the next opportunity to create a new piece celebrating her artistic trademarks of cultural diversity in the state’s most diverse city. “I’m looking forward to painting more murals and beautifying communities!”

Roche gives her muralist credit and thanks to Tracy Weil, Satya Wimbish, Allyson Freedeen, and Jonathan Woodward and everyone who stops by to view and enjoy her art. Follow her on Instagram at @Jiacuy to see the latest creations.