Jubilee Roasting Co. is Aurora’s Very Own Coffee Paradise

Jubilee Roasting Co. is the product of community impact and sourcing the best coffee beans.

Founded in 2015 by Peter Wanburg, Jubilee is no ordinary coffee shop. It’s filled with unique artistic treasures and beautifully crafted coffee drinks tied together in a newly renovated space. Located at 1425 Kenton Street in Aurora, Colorado, Jubilee is founded on a mission “to create well and be good neighbors,” and that’s just the start of this amazing place. We sat down with Peter to chat about his store, the coffee, and making a home in Aurora.

For Peter, starting a coffee shop wasn’t really on his radar upon graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder. However, he turned his at-home passion into Jubilee Roasting Co., a fully-operational coffee shop complete with retail space, ten artist studios, and a roasting facility along with wholesale distribution.

Nestled in a traditional-style warehouse, Jubilee’s recent renovations were designed to bring more light to the coffee shop and artists’ studio. Thanks in part to a funding grant from the City of Aurora, Jubilee was able to undergo a full transformation complete with glass garage doors, bright windows, and a front patio for warm days.

Located off Colfax Avenue, Jubilee’s neighborhood is filled with cultural influence. Peter says his community is what he loves about being located in Aurora “the breadth of diversity here, especially in North Aurora with different communities and immigrants who are from all over the world, makes it great,” he said. “We get to interact with different organizations and neighbors who come from vastly different walks of life, and we love that.”

While Jubilee Roasting Co. serves as a retail space and studio, they also use the facility to roast small batch coffee sourced from international coffee farms. Peter explained Jubilee goes beyond Aurora, “we get the opportunity to relate here, but we also get the opportunity to relate in a broader supply chain in the sense of working with coffee farmers in different counties,” he said. This includes a recent trip to Yepocapa, Guatemala where Peter and his team met with coffee farmers for sourcing.

Jubilee Roasting Co.’s impact doesn’t stop there, their “Day of Jubilee” is celebrated every month with free drinks, live music, and grilling. You can catch them the first Friday of the month from 7AM to 7PM.

All art spaces are open for viewing.

If you’re out and about in Aurora, you can find Jubilee’s coffee in just about every corner of the city. Annette, French Press, Legends Coffee and Übergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag are just a few of the places you can grab a cup of Jubilee.

If you’re looking for something interesting to do and a good cup of coffee, Jubilee is your place.

Their spot in Aurora is open 7 am – 3 pm Monday through Saturday.



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