Meet in the Mountains: Summer Style

Your guide to Colorado Casual Summer Edition

Pack smart for your upcoming summer business or leisure trip to Aurora, Colorado.

Lightweight Layers

Layers are always a good way to go. With drastic temperature changes, Aurora can be cool in the morning and over 90 degrees in the afternoon. Bring lightweight jackets, sweaters, or scarfs to help you seamlessly transition between afternoon and evening temps. A tip from the pros – pair a sleeveless top with a fitted jacket, it’s the best of both worlds.

Dresses, Skirts & Jackets

The Colorado Casual style relies upon a well-planned outfit. Adjust your wardrobe in the heat of summer by swapping your dark wash jeans for dresses. Pair dresses and skirts with fitted jackets and heels to hone in on that crafted casual outfit. Men, choose linen or light-colored slacks over black pants for a more casual, summer style.

Sun Protection is a Must

We love our 300+ days of summer, but it’s important to be prepared for harmful rays. Aurora’s high-altitude leaves you susceptible to even faster damage! Pack sunglasses and even hats for full sun protection. If you’re spending an afternoon outside, wear sunscreen. With snow-peaked mountains on the horizon, many visitors are often surprised at how quickly burns appear.

Lace up the Boots & Pack the Flats

Between hitting the trails and the boardroom, boots and sandals are a must even in the summer. Peep-toed or sling backed boots are a perfect match for summer meetings. For after the meeting, slip on a pair of go-t0 flats or sandals. Your feet will thank you later.

After the Meetings

Capture the post-work look perfectly by pairing structured pieces, such as blazers and pencil skirts, with casual counterparts, such as denim button-ups and colorful dresses.

Finished working for the day? Grab your gear for Colorado’s great outdoor summer adventures. Enjoy live music in a flowy maxi dress or hit the trails in synthetic tank tops and cropped pants.

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