What's Your Meeting Planner Superpower?

Between balancing last-minute additions and finding a venue that checks off everything on your list, it’s no wonder that meeting planners are modern-day superheroes.

Discover your meeting planner superpower.


When others forget, you prevail. Being organized means that nothing can send you off track. You’ve rehearsed 13 different disaster scenarios in your head. You’re always at the venue with time to spare and a completed checklist, but that doesn’t stop you from doing your final walkthroughs. You’re never without an emergency kit filled with everything everyone else forgot (we’re talking about everything from lint rollers to extra mints and maybe even espresso shots for caffeine deprived). You’re rarely caught off guard, and if you are, you have a plan for that.


You’ve heard it before, “wow! I couldn’t have imagined it better”. Here lies your superpower, always delivering the wow-factor that sometimes leaves your clients speechless. Much like a mind-reader, you can tap into your clients most outrageous event dreams and usually turn them into reality. When attendees walk into the event space wide-eyed and surprised, it’s just another day on the job. You’re quick on your feet, always searching for the next big thing, and aren’t afraid of something that’s never been done before.


You have top talent on speed dial. That new venue that opened last week? You’ve already hosted a meeting there. Your meeting planner superpower is having a list of contacts and connections that make others green with envy. You can convince even A-listers to make an appearance at your event, even on a tight deadline. Your contact list is your greatest weapon. You’re always working to build connections, maintain contacts, and balance your planning. Which to be honest, is a superpower in it itself.


When the clock is ticking, you feel yourself transform. You’ve engaged your superpower, always pulling off every event, no matter the circumstances. You’re always up for a good challenge and feel a sense of accomplishment when an event comes to life. You’re quick to make decisions and have a long list of contacts ready to be called on. Some say your best asset is an ability to be cool, calm and collected. What they don’t know is you’ve trained for this and are ready to accomplish anything!



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