Partner Profile with ImageAV

Virtual meetings have been on the radar of planners long before the effects of COVID-19, but some audiovisual companies are working smarter to include features for online meetings that take them to the next level for attendees. Image Audiovisuals (ImageAV) explained their role in converting in-person meetings to virtual while innovating new ways to engage presenters with attendees.

Q: What are some of the advantages of virtual meetings?

A: The biggest advantage of the virtual format is the ability to educate a wider section of your member base. With in-person meetings, you are only sharing the educational content with those attendees who can afford the time and resources to travel to the conference site. We have been very successful with live streaming the keynote sessions and having the breakout sessions available on demand. This way you get the benefit of the interaction with the live stream, but the convenience of the on-demand sessions.

Q: Take us through the process of converting an in-person meeting to a virtual one. How does this look both on the client and planner side?

A: We know this is a new process for meeting planners, their speakers, and the audience so we have made the conversion as easy as possible. We manage all speaker logistics including scheduling session recordings, providing technical coaching during the presentation, and even sending speaker kits (microphone, camera, and LED light) to enhance the production quality. Our video and audio engineers edit each pre-recorded session to include client and sponsor branding, lower thirds, watermarks and add switched media and camera shots in both full screen and windowed options. The finished content is uploaded to to the client’s site of choice, whether it be their own site or our e-Attend™ platform. If they choose our e-Attend™ platform, planners benefit from a branded site, plenty of sponsorship opportunities, e-commerce and marketing platforms, and the ability to view analytics throughout the site.
Clients viewing these polished sessions can comfortably navigate the site to find the sessions they need, bookmark their place, take notes, and download any accompanying material the speaker provides. With links to CE sites, they can easily get educational credits for the sessions they complete.

Q: What are some examples of creative things you’re able to do with virtual meetings?

A: Virtual meetings don’t just have to apply to the traditional conference session format. We’re working with groups live streaming galas, awards dinners, and various social events to keep the fun and interactive pieces of event calendars intact. We’ve also developed an in-house studio set, where local companies can shoot their pre-recorded or live-streamed content on a custom and branded backdrop elevating the production quality.

Q: In your opinion, are virtual meetings the way of the future?

A: Over the last few years, we’ve seen a gradual shift of adding virtual components to in-person meetings, usually through the recording and publishing of sessions. Our current environment has moved that needle significantly and put virtual events to the forefront of the entire industry. Like most solutions, we believe the meetings of the future will fall somewhere in the middle: having both in-person and virtual components to best serve the wide range and needs of the audience.

Q: Meetings are more than just speakers and sessions, they’re also about networking. How is Image Audiovisuals integrating networking and communications between attendees, speakers, and clients?

One of the most popular features is a live Q&A with keynote speakers; we recommend pre-recording these sessions, then having the speaker join live to answer audience questions. We’ve also utilized polling, games, blogs, Chat-rooms, Happy Hours, Entertainment, and Trivia, along with photos to drive user engagement. We’re also coordinating virtual small group discussions similar to roundtables and breakout rooms that allow sections of your audience to engage in more intimate content discussions.

Q: Provide us with an overview of your offerings for virtual meetings?

We’ve been uniquely positioned to help organizations transition to virtual events because we have already developed the technology and have the experience to execute these events professionally. We have a variety of solutions for each virtual event; companies choose to utilize one or all based on their conference needs.

  • Pre-record – our team schedules, edits, and records your content to be made available on a custom site available 24/7; works well for on-demand sessions, especially those with an educational credit.
  • Live stream – engage your viewers through live streams of your sessions; a good option for panel discussions and general sessions
  • Blended – Combine pre-recorded segments into a live stream, or push pre-recorded content to your audience live; great for keynote sessions and social events like galas and awards dinners
  • Facilitated Web Meeting – gives live and pre-recorded online meetings a professionally produced look and feel. A perfect solution for webinars, breakout sessions, and roundtable discussions

Each event has a dedicated Technical Director along with Audio and Video Engineers to manage the behind-the-scenes logistics in our 2,000 sq. ft. virtual studio. In concert with the production from our ImageAV team, our proprietary e-Attend™ platform hosts and archives any recorded content for viewers to access 24/7. This allows the viewer to customize their experience and view the content at their convenience. It's available any time they are available, providing for a truly on-demand individual virtual experience.

Q: Anything else you’d like to add?

A: We’re developing our own virtual experience platform, debuting this summer, which makes us one of the first AV companies to offer both the session recording/streaming and virtual event platform components to create a robust virtual experience. Complete with a sponsor exhibit hall, information and lounge areas, and an auditorium to view the content, your attendees can interact and feel engaged. The platform will also provide social media connections and access to speakers, sessions, exhibitors, sponsors and awards galas, available on any mobile device 24/7 globally.

ImageAV is based locally in the Aurora/Denver metro area and serves as the primary AV company for various meetings in our destination. Visit their website to learn more.