Best Ramen Spots in Aurora

Explore authentic and uniquely crafted bowls of ramen in Aurora. Perfect for cold, rainy days, and everything in between – discover our top picks for ramen dishes and flavor-filled eats.

Katsu Ramen
1930 S Havana Street

Nestled in the heart of Aurora’s strip of ethnic restaurants, Katsu Ramen is an eclectic dining spot showcasing some of Japan’s best dishes. With more than 1,600 positive reviews, Katsu Ramen is the locally-loved, ramen nook you’re looking for. Belly up for a bowl of Shoyu Ramen complete with chicken and pork melded together with seasoned soy broth. Slurp on a bowl of vegetarian Miso Ramen coupled with a soft-boiled egg. Visitors can also try a bit of everything at lunch with ramen, rice bowl, and gyoza combination.

Sukiya Ramen
7939 E Arapahoe Rd. 110

Enjoy the flavors of something a little more modern at Sukiya Ramen. This trendy café isn’t lacking in traditional bowls and spice. Diners can choose from three flavor profiles, including Tonkotsu, Shoyu, and Miso. Get creative with their special menu and DIY your custom bowl of ramen. Or try something a little out of the box with Kimchi Ramen topped with pickled ginger, bean sprouts, and bamboo. You can also add extra noodles, meats, and even soft-boiled eggs to any ramen dish.

13650 E. Colfax Avenue

Don’t let the name fool you, Sushi-Rama does more than conveyor-belt sushi. Inside the brightly-colored walls at Sushi-Rama Fitzsimons sits a full-scale kitchen where chefs prepared handmade ramen bowls. Try the Spicy Miso Ramen with grilled chicken thighs, spinach, bean sprouts covered in chili miso paste. Or try the Shio Ramen with a Shoyu egg on top. Diners can also enjoy other eats, like miso soup, in addition to pay-as-you-eat sushi.

Aurora’s Sonoda’s Sushi
3108 S Parker Rd, D1

Sip on ramen from a classic spot that set up shop in Aurora in 1988. Sonoda’s Sushi is a hub for authentic Japanese menu items paired alongside variety. In addition to sushi, Sonoda’s serves udon noodles, calamari steak, and of course – ramen. The ramen is simple yet served to your spice level. Enjoy the seafood ramen or go traditional with vegetarian ramen, complete with a kelp-based soup and kale noodles.

Wanna Poke & Ramen
16748 E Smoky Hill Rd

This modern dig is perfect for a quick lunch or to-go. With more than five different ramen types, diners can choose their eats. Go for classic flavors like Shio, Shoyu, and Miso. Or try something a little different with the Creamy Ramen, made with a creamy sesame base spinach, bean sprouts, corn, soft-boiled egg, and topped with a fish cake, fried garlic, and scallions. Diners also enjoy their Curry Ramen, made with a different base that packs a spicy punch.