Six New Restaurants in Aurora

Home to hundreds of restaurants, Aurora is the place for new eats. Explore six talked about restaurants that opened their doors to locals and visitors earlier this season.

Noodle Dish on platter

Shin Miao Dao - Ten Second Noodles
2000 S Havana Street | get directions

Popular in China, Shin Miao Dao only has a few locations in the United States. Enjoy noodles at its first Colorado location. Similar to a hot pot restaurant, your noodle dish will be ready in close to ten seconds after it hits the boiling broth. Add new flavors of southwest China spices, meats, and veggies. In addition to noodles, diners can enjoy cucumber salads, jellyfish salad, and superfruit teas.

Seafood, corn, and potatoes.

The Juicy Seafood
2727 S Parker Rd. | get directions

Settle your craving for crab, lobster, shrimp, fish, and other ocean eats at The Juicy Seafood. This no-fuss Cajun/creole restaurant serves up seafood baskets with crab legs, fried shrimp, and catfish. Diners can enjoy fresh oysters, steamed or raw and expect specials every day of the week including snow crab and black mussels. The Juicy Seafood also has a full-service bar complete with trendy cocktails and taps.

Tasty Mexican dish with lime.

Zero Degrees
13600 E Colfax Ave. | get directions

Explore Asian-Hispanic fusion at the Instagram-worthy Zero Degrees. Their larger-than-life slushies, smoothies, coffees, and boba teas are made to order and topped with extravagant (and editable) garnishes. Order the Mangonada; a mango slushy topped off with chamoy and tajin seasoning to create the ultimate sweet-meets-spicy combination. For eats, Zero Degrees showcases savory snacks like flamin’ hot Cheeto mac & cheese, carne asada fries, and fried shrimp.

Dining room table and chairs.

New Century Karaoke & Restaurant
1555 S Havana Street | get directions

While the Karaoke Bar has been open since 2013, Chef Bob at New Century only recently introduced ramen and noodle dishes to the menu. Locals rave about the flavor-filled broth alongside classic Chinese eats. Order brisket, chicken, spicy crawfish among other pairings with noodle dishes. Diners love their homemade chili oil for punching up the spice of any meal.

Greek food with lettuce and meats.

Antepian Turkish Cuisine
2767 S Parker Rd. | get directions

Kebabs are just the start of Antepian Turkish Cuisine’s menu. This hybrid Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant serves up flavorful classics, like pilafs and grilled eggplant kebabs, alongside Turkish pizzas and cheesy breads. Perfect for a late lunch, this place has lighter options including, shish kebab wraps and stuffed grape leaves. After dinner, enjoy a Turkish coffee with sweet baklava.

Eggs, salsa, and breakfast food.

New Day Café
5001 S Parker | get directions

Get your brunch on at New Day Café. Opening for early birds at 7:00 AM, this American-classic café specializes in customizable omelets alongside traditional breakfast options that fulfill your lazy Sunday fantasies. If you’re not a breakfast person, browse the lunch menu, and look for the hot sandwiches, including tuna melts and turkey rubens. Burgers, fries, and Mexican American skillet dishes are also popular at New Day Café.