Taiyaki is worth the hype

Follow along on our taste-test tour of Snowl

These unbelievable frozen treats, known as Taiyaki, are the latest summer craze and you can try them yourself! Follow along on our taste-test tour of Snowl Aurora, Colorado.

Located at 1930 S Havana St #5-6 , Snowl Café shares a On Havana block with some of the city’s best ethnic eats, including Katsu Ramen and Colorado’s Korean restaurant, DAE GEE. This picturesque storefront is anything but ordinary, and no detail is too small to complete the ambiance.

A quick tour around the store proves our point. Hanging pendant lights in the shape of clouds, flourishing succulents, neon hashtag signs, and even a cartoon polar bear all tie together the midcentury meets modern look. Plus, the Korean pop music really adds the chocolate sprinkles on top to this adorable shop.

Once you’re at the counter, things get serious. Their menu includes a variety of boba teas, snow bowls, fraffe, hot tea and so much more. If you have an appetite, Snowl even offers Tteokbokki (Korean Street Food) that will blow your mind. Egg, mini sausages, cheese, veggies, and fish cake all combine to form one delish-dish. They’ll even prepare it on the spicy side if you’re up for that.

Now what you came here for… Taiyaki! First a little history, Taiyaki literally means “baked sea bream” because it’s fish-shape cone imitates the Japanese Red seabream. Here’s how it works at Snowl:

Choose how you’d like your frozen treat – Taiyaki, Cup, or Taiyaki in a Cup. We recommend going the traditional route with just the fish-cone, but if you’re gluten-free, you’ll need to avoid the cone altogether.

Next, choose between Nutella and sweet red bean filling for the base of the treat. Then select from classic Japanese ice cream flavors like milk tea, matcha, or black sesame. If you’re going all out, choose a couple of toppings to add to your creation. Then, enjoy!

Snowl is ideal for little kids, your insta-famous friend and everyone in between. Their summer hours began last month so you can enjoy tasty treats from 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM Monday through Saturday or 11:00 AM – 9:30 PM on Sundays.

Once your cravings are satisfied with one of these tasty treats, check out the schedule for upcoming events and concerts in the area or choose from one of our top seven picks if you're willing to wonder a little further.


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