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Your guide to becoming a tech savvy traveler

Innovation hubs and airports are a lot alike. They’re a landing pad for a collection of minds, ideas, and yes – people! But how can you enhance your traveling experience?

It’s no secret that Colorado’s own Denver International Airport is making headway on some revolutionary improvements to security, ticketing, and the overall travel experience. Follow along below for our useful list of products and insight for a one-way ticket to a savvy traveler.

Ahead from the start

Getting organized and prepared before your trip can save you time (and headaches) before boarding. Download apps Packr or PackPoint to help you seamlessly organize everything, and we mean everything, such as travel dates and packing necessities. We don’t recommend packing in a rush, but if you’re the last-minute type, consider tagging your most important goods, like keys or luggage, with a Tile Tracker. This compact keychain is everything but ordinary. Hook it on, download the app, and track the location of your item. With all that saved time, you can check your DEN flight time or download a mobile check-in app.

Colorado Casual

As you probably know, Colorado does professional style a little differently. Gear up for a day of meetings, site visits, or even interviews in the Rocky Mountain state with a smartwatch. These stylish, yet functional items are taking over the modern business world and let you make a statement while checking your morning emails. Cut down on accessories and coordinate your watch band to your outfit. With a wide range of brands, colors, add-ons, and styles, you can certainly find one that’s perfect for your personal travel style.


This one is for all of you international travelers out there. Universal chargers and outlets are a must when flying overseas. Without one, you could be desperately watching your battery life drain away with no charge in sight! Although DIA has free universal WiFi, some national and international airports can tack on a charge to their WiFi offerings. Ensure that you never lose connection by traveling with a WiFi hotspot. Purchased through major cell phone providers, WiFi hotspots can be a lifesaver. Go the extra mile and look into a hotspot booster to enhance your web connection and call strength. Let us hear you say, wow that's fast!

Peace & Quite

Travel doesn’t always have to be chaotic or stressful. Block out the hustle and bustle with premium noise canceling headphones. There are a quite a few different pairs, available at different price points – but whatever you spend you’ll be happy you did. If you’re more of a book lover, e-readers are always a must. You can prolong your battery life if you’re headed on beach vaca with an eco-friendly solar charging case so you’ll never lose your place while soaking up the rays.

After discovering the latest in airport tech, sit back and listen to a perfect playlist curated by yours truly. Now you're ready for take off!


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