Aurora Welcomes Third Culture Bakery's Mochi Muffins & Doughnuts

Opening this weekend, visitors can enjoy the Original Mochi Muffin for the first time in Colorado. Third Culture Bakery, located at 9935 E Colfax Ave., prepares handmade mochi muffins and doughnuts alongside creative matcha based beverages and coffee.

Outside Third Culture Bakery on Colfax Ave in Aurora Colroado

The Colfax Ave location is the second branch for this Berkley based café. Founders Sam Butarbutar and Wenter Shyu started Third Culture Bakery in 2016 and have been expanding wholesale opportunities ever since. It is the latest addition to the growing Aurora Cultural Arts District (ACAD) with a variety of restaurants slotted to open this summer.

Thanks to their colorful drinks, slow-motion pour-overs, and pop-of-pink atmosphere, Third Culture Bakery has earned a loyal social media following encouraging visitors to snap, share, and repost in front of their millennial pink photo wall.

Matcha drinks are poured and served

The influences of Taiwanese and Indonesian culture have helped to shape the flavor profiles for many of the pastries and beverages. Visitors can expect bright flavors, like Guava Cheesecake and Yuzu Lemon, alongside more savory eats, including Black Sesame. All pastries are made with a rice-flour base while doughnuts are topped with a fruit glaze. Their drink menu includes matcha lattes and cold brew coffees alongside other imaginative creations.

The Lychee Matcha Sparkler combines the sweetness of lychee (a small, sweet fruit with origins in China) with soda water and chilled matcha. The result is a refreshing and bubbly beverage with a hint of sweetness. Those looking for a classic coffee will not be disappointed; Third Culture Bakery offers drip coffee and cold brew with beans from Jubilee Roasting Company located down the street.

Drinks posed with donuts

With a passion for building community, Third Culture Bakery utilizes local and small business vendors exclusively. In fact, they’ve been sourcing their matcha powder from the same Japanese vendor since first opening four years ago. With Colfax Ave becoming host more new and exciting businesses each year, including The People’s Building and The Mango House, Third Culture is another welcome addition to the blooming ACAD.

The Mochi Muffins at Third Culture Bakery in Aurora Colorado

Third Culture Bakery opens on Sunday, Feb. 9, at 4 p.m. with dragon street performers and VIP tickets available for purchase. If you RSVP early, you’ll receive 20% off your purchase and a free mochi muffin!