Topgolf Swing Suite at Radisson Hotel Denver-Aurora

Pratice your swing at TopGolf's newest Swing Suite inside Aurora's Radisson Hotel.

Tee off at Colorado’s only in-hotel Topgolf Swing Suite. Practice your golf game, unwind after a day of meetings, or engage in some friendly competition at the Radisson Hotel Denver-Aurora. Their newly introduced Swing Suite is an interactive game in a group-focused atmosphere. Perfect for friends, gatherings, and families, the Topgolf Swing Suite simulates the golfing experience with driving ranges and offers new games for everyone to enjoy. So, grab a drink, select your clubs, and get swinging. Read more below.

How do I play?
Games that everyone can enjoy.

Visitors are introduced and provided with instructions on how to operate the screen at one of two bays. Groups can choose the type of entertainment experience they’re looking for. Whether you’re looking to brush up on your swing before a golf meeting or needing a place to gather friends, the Topgolf Swing Suite is your spot. From hitting balls on the driving range to zombie dodgeball, there are options for competitive and casual players. Each player is provided with balls, clubs, footballs, dodgeballs, and everything else they need to make the simulator experience possible.

What can I expect?
An interactive golfing experience without the hassle.

Upon entering, visitors will be greeted by Topgolf branded bar and Swing Suite. Lawn furniture, high top tables, glowing lights, and other recreational games bring the Topgolf atmosphere to the Radisson. Visitors typically play for one to two hours, depending on the group. While walk-ins work, reserve a bay to ensure you get a spot.

What if I’m not a golfer?
Fear not!

Topgolf is designed to make golf accessible to everyone, so don’t worry about your bad swing. In addition to driving range and course play, visitors can enjoy more one and two player games on the simulator screen. Perfect for active adults and kids alike, enjoy hockey, zombie dodgeball, carnival games, and pitch a game of baseball. Or enjoy the solo quarterback challenge, a simulation of football drills.

What’s the cost?
Grab your friends for the full experience?

One bay (which accommodates up to 8 people), costs $40 per hour, $55 per hour and thirty minutes, and $70 per two hours. One bay is ideal for casual gatherings of friends, families, or coworkers meeting up during happy hour. If you’re servicing a larger group, both bays can be rented for $200 per hour and can accommodate up to 100 people.

Is the Topgolf Swing Suite good for groups?
Yes! The more the merrier.

Designed with groups in mind, the Topgolf Swing Suite at the Radisson is an excellent on-site activity for teambuilding or happy hour gatherings. With room for up to 100+ people, the suite offers ample seating, indoor game tables, specialized dining and drink menus, two rentable golf bays (and the equipment needed to play). Make your happy hour or post-meeting event memorable. Group pricing is available.

Why golf indoors?
No bags, no carts, and all the fun.

Using the Topgolf Swing Suite, you can enjoy a golf-like experience without the hassle of regular course play. No carts, lugging your bag or experiencing bad weather while on the far side of the course. If you’re traveling solo, practice your swing before meeting with clients. The simulator even offers competitive play for two golfers, which includes 18 different holes and about an hour of play. Not to mention Topgolf makes it easy for non-golfers to enjoy the sport, too!

Is it family friendly?
Yes! Zombie games offer fun for everyone!

Yes! Bring the kids along to burn some energy battling zombies on the big screen. Or help them practice their golf swing. One bay is ideal for a family of 8 people and under. Similar rates apply.

Is there food & drink on site?
Come hungry!

The Topgolf Swing Suite at the Radisson has its own menu and a full-service bar. Settle in for crowd-pleasing appetizers and meals including personal pizzas, mini tacos, charcuterie boards, sliders and more. Their bar is stocked with classic mixed drinks, local beers, and wines to enjoy.

Do I need to be a guest at the Radisson Hotel Denver-Aurora to enjoy the Topgolf Swing Suite?
No. The Topgolf Swing Suite is open for public use, making it easy to gather friends or hit golf balls on a rainy day. Visit the Radisson’s website to book your bay. Walk-ins will be accommodated, although you might not get your desired timeslot. Larger groups (more than nine people) should reserve their bay in advance.


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