What Type of Traveler are You?

Thrill seeker? Foodie? Or something else? Everyone has a unique traveler vibe. Keep reading to find out your traveler type!


Get ready! Visiting Colorado has been on your bucket list for quite some time (or you’ve already planned another visit!) You’re thrilled to explore the surrounding territory. From hiking and biking to trying rock climbing for the first time, you can’t wait to discover something new. After packing in, you’re instantly searching for the next one-of-a-kind dinner plans. Did someone say octopus? You’re here to discover what truly makes Colorado one of the most desirable tourism spots, don’t pass up any opportunities!


As you know, any good vacation is the result of planning. You hate wasting time choosing between this and that, so you often have a few ideas already selected. From top-rated restaurants to discovering the best things to do, you’re the one that makes sure everyone has the Colorado experience of a lifetime. Planning doesn’t have to be boring! Booking ahead of time sounded crazy, but you’re never caught off guard by a sold out show. You actually enjoy reading up on trip planners, day-itineraries, and insider tips on what the locals love.


When visiting any place new, you always seek out something that’s off the beaten path. From cozy cafes covered in art to locally operated breweries, you’re down to discover what makes the city tick. Seeing a live performance is always top of mind and you crave feeding your creative side. Explore the public art, take lots of pictures, and grab a bite to eat at one of the restaurants that’s been around Aurora for decades.


A vacation is for everyone to enjoy! You’re planning for a family trip of a lifetime. While you did your research, you’re leaving a few aspects of the trip up to the kids. Will they choose rafting and jump parks or will they want to taste test ice cream from across the city (Chances are you’ll end up doing both!). With options the whole family will enjoy, the Stanley Marketplace should be top of your list for an afternoon.


The food. The culture. The murals. You live for it. Visiting the mountains of Colorado is even more beautiful in person than gazing at on a screen. You’re looking to take lots of pictures, adventure along the numerous hiking trails, and soak in the mountain air. Don’t forget about food— Google and Yelp are your best friends as you buzz about the city. Good news, you’ve just arrived in the Aurora-Denver metro’s most diverse (and tasty) foodie dream. Bon appetit!


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