P & Y Cafe Asian Bistro

2769 S. Parker Rd.
Aurora, CO 80014

"They also give HUGE portions. Be warned! I ordered a Tangsooyook, and it was the sweetest Tangsooyook I have ever had (still can’t decide if this is good/bad) because it was delicious and they gave a lot, but after awhile you got that sugar sick feeling.
My friends got the jjajangmyun (which is the house special) and it is indeed the best jjajangmyun the Denver area has to offer. If you don’t mind brown and slimy noodles, go ahead! After all, it is simply like eating the thicker version of soy sauce with your noodles anyways. Who isn’t doing that already." -Mechuri A., Seattle, WA, Yelp.com

Havana Corridor
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Price Range:
$ $ ($5-10)