Aurora’s Ethnic Eateries
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Food and Drink

Aurora’s Ethnic Eateries

Next Stop: Nepal, Yemen, and Somalia

February 20, 2019

With more than 250+ ethnic eateries, visitors can enjoy food from across the globe without ever leaving the city. Here’s where you can enjoy tasty eats.

Chutney Restaurant
2740 S Havana Street Unit K | get directions

Discover the flavors of traditional Nepalese food at Chutney Restaurant in Aurora. Located on Havana Street, a foodie’s paradise to international tastes, Chutney stands out as the perfect blend between classic Nepalese flavors incorporating influences from India and Bangladesh. Diners rave about their chicken tikka masala, daals (lentil soups), and Momo (Nepalese-style dumplings). Complete with pan-fried noodles, curry, and chicken grilled in a tandoori oven, you really can’t go wrong. Open daily, enjoy their reasonably priced lunch buffet or come in later for dinner. Did we mention they have a substantial (and tasty) variety of vegan and vegetarian foods?

Yemen Grill
2353 S Havana Street Unit D15A | get directions

Enter the Yemen Grill and smell the delicious aromas right away. Inside their cozy, and traditionally-decorated dining space, grab a menu and begin glancing over all your options. Open for breakfast lunch and dinner; diners crave hummus platters compete with add-ons, like falafel and lamb. Or go for the mix appetizer platters of baba ghanog, Arabic salad, and even warank enab (Arabic grape leaves stuffed with rice and spices). After your meal, stick around and order Kanafeh, a traditional Arab dessert that features cheese, dough, and more all soaked in a sugary syrup. It taps into the perfect sweet meets savory post-dinner treat.

Ifka Cafe
1535 S Havana St. Ste M | get directions

If you’re looking for a quick bite, Ifka Café is for you. This African coffee shop serves up, Oahwe (Somali-style coffee) complete with milk, cinnamon, and cardamom. You can also enjoy Shaah (spiced milk tea), locals suggest pairing it with their coconut-flavored candy, called Qumbe. Aside from candy and drinks, you can also dine on something more robust. Try their sambusas. They’re stuffed with meats, veggies, and colorful spices and then deep fried in small dough pockets. Ifka Café is ideal for an afternoon lunch or just grabbing a quick cup of coffee (and maybe a sweet treat for the road).