5 Reasons to Find a New Venue for Your Meeting or Event

The ease of sticking with the old standby venue for your upcoming meeting or event would be, well, easy. But what some people call “tradition,” others call boring! Don’t risk clouding your next meeting or event with a plague of redundancy, when you need to connect and motivate.

Why Choose a New Venue for Your Meeting or Event?

New Venue, Fresh Ideas

Returning to the same location year after year can stunt progress and yield stale results. Instead of heading to an annual event with a “this is how we always do it” mentality, simple adjustments like new a meeting space may prompt a much-needed creative boost. Bonus if the new location lets in natural light and stunning views!

Mandatory Meetings Made Fun!

When a company returns to the same location year-in and year-out, off-site engagements are limited. Choose a location that challenges your company’s professionals both mentally and physically. Opt for a location that offers team-building experiences like whitewater rafting, horseback riding or hiking to a summit. Upon returning to the boardroom, they’ll feel refreshed and might even see their colleagues in a whole new light.

Hands hold glasses of wine at an event at Gaylord Rockies in Aurora Colorado

Unique Culinary Experiences

While some conventions centers boast a top-notch, in-house culinary division, others partner with off-site vendors to offer a unique a’ la carte menu. No matter what type of cuisine your meeting location offers, make sure the food is good! On top of that, be sure to surprise and delight. We all remember when mom served that one pretty good dinner over and over again. But what started out as “pretty good” turned to “meh” after eating it every week for a year. Don’t let your convention attendees walk away thinking, “chicken again?”

Fresh City = Fresh Faces

Switching up the city that plays host to your businesses’ meetings will uncover a new population of talent seeking to thrive, learn, and play. Not only do you make your event accessible to local audiences who might not otherwise have been able to attend, but your pool of potential thought leaders and speakers grows too.

A filled room at The Hangar in Aurora Colorado

Local Community

Every community is home to a unique local personality! Freshen up annual conventions by choosing a new location that offers a flavor you can’t find anywhere else. Think beyond the concrete jungle and hotel bars to authentic ethnic cuisine, craft breweries, and access to nature.

Aurora, Colorado: Your Next Meeting or Event Destination

Don’t miss the opportunity to kick start a new decade with a new venue.

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