May Is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

A thriving community of Asian American and Pacific Islander-owned businesses can be found right here in Aurora, Colorado.

Monsoon Cuisine Of India
24107 E. Commons Ave | get directions

Located at Southlands Lifestyle Center, this modern restaurant offers an array of traditional and contemporary Indian cuisine. Quality is a hallmark at Monsoon as the restaurant uses only fresh, preservative-free ingredients and tried and true cooking methods.

人间烟火 U & I BBQ Karaoke Room Bar
1555 S. Havana St. | get directions

A newcomer to Aurora serving up delicious, authentic Chinese fare and a side of fun. Bring a group of friends and enjoy one of their private karaoke rooms, with an incredible sound system.

Tofu Story
2060 S. Havana St. | get directions

A new addition to Aurora, Tofu Story surprises with its wide selection of hard-to-find special traditional Korean plates, including spicy raw crabs and soy raw crabs. This is the only restaurant in Colorado that makes its own Tofu from scratch.

Sam's Meat & Deli
2300 S. Chambers Rd. | get directions

For more than 40 years, Sam's has been serving up an expansive variety of sustainably sourced beef, lamb, pork, bison, and poultry in Aurora. All of their fresh meats are custom cut and ground in-house to take that old-fashioned approach to ensure the highest quality products. You can also score deliciously sourced exotic meats from Australian kangaroo to Colorado’s Himalayan yak steaks.

2222 S. Havana St. | get directions

This is one of the most craveable spots in Aurora, with an ever-changing menu of delights. Originating in Hawaii, a "Mochi Donut" combines American doughnuts and Japanese mochi. Its popularity is booming thanks to its unique shape and light crispy texture complimented by a soft, chewy inside. Next door is Coffee Story, a charming café with lattes, smoothies, and more.

Shinee Blinds
1205 S. Havana St. | get directions

This boutique will transform your home or workplace into a modern, beautiful, functional space. Shinee installs quality and luxurious blinds and shades at manufacturer prices. They'll remove your old window coverings and install your new ones at no cost.

Betolla Bistro
10253 E. Illiff Ave
| get directions

The brainchild of chef Samir Mohammad, Betolla Bistro is one of the preeminent spots for a romantic dinner in Aurora. This bistro has the soul of a classic Italian eatery, complete with small plates, handcrafted salads, pasta, and more. Diners love their seared scallops, eggplant pomodoro, and shrimp scampi pasta dishes. With a full bar and expansive wine list, experience an evening fully immersed in Italian culture and cuisine.

Báhn & Butter Bakery Café
9935 E. Colfax Ave | get directions

This Asian Fusion Bakery Café is a local favorite. Chef Thoa Nguyen beautifully merges Vietnamese tradition with a French touch. Don't miss our podcast episode with this culinary prodigy.

Misaki At Stanley
2501 N. Dallas ST | get directions

Great sushi in Colorado? You better believe it. This local favorite sushi spot flies its menu items in daily from the shores of California and Japan.

M Mart - Midopa Oriental Market
2000 S. Havana ST | get directions

M Mart is the only Korean independently owned international grocery market in Colorado with a slew of fresh veggies, sprouts, quail eggs, bok choy, large Korean peaches, and Japanese and Korean-style noodles. They also have your meat and seafood needs covered, along with a large selection of frozen seafood and freshly made sushi.

K-Town Imports
1930 S. Havana St. | get directions

From clothing to kitchen accessories, imported skincare products, blankets, and more, K-Town Imports is flush with unique Asian products that are rare to find anywhere else. Give yourself some time when you visit. You're sure to find hidden gems.

Taw Win Burma
1120 Yosemite St. | get directions

A hidden gem in Aurora serves authentic Burmese fare representing the diverse cultures of Myanmar. You can also find incredible Thai offerings on the menu as well. Want to meet the owner? He's also the head chef. Need more proof? Check out their rave reviews online.

Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles
2000 S. Havana St. | get directions

If you've read this far, you've realized there are many places to grab authentic Asian cuisine in Aurora, and Ten Seconds Yunnan Rice Noodles is no exception. This family-owned restaurant specializes in northern Chinese cuisine and will fill your belly without breaking the bank. Their warm soups and entrees equally delight.

Bua Tasty Thai
950 S. Abilene St | get directions

Conveniently located near Town Center at Aurora, Bua Tasty Thai is a family-owned restaurant that takes pride in cooking delicious dishes. The restaurant décor and dinnerware are imported directly from Thailand, and so are the robust flavors you’ll taste in their dishes. These are family recipes passed down from generations that are "Grandma-approved".

Chi Lin Asian Eatery
2501 N. Dallas St
| get directions

You're going to love this spot, especially on a cold Colorado day. The decor is top-notch, the recipes are dynamic and upscale, and the food is delivered by a quirky, cute robot. It's not a gimmick, though. These are robust recipes that are sure to satisfy any craving.

Poonam's By Design
6290 S Main St. M108| get directions

More than shiplap and barn doors! Poonam's By Design will bring creativity and innovation to your home design projects. This interior design firm can bring style to any home on any budget. Poonam is also a co-star of HGTV's, "Rico To The Rescue", take a listen to our interview with her.

The Dental Bar
24272 E. Prospect Ave. Unit B | get directions

Introducing The Dental Bar, a modern and state-of-the-art dental office that will soon open its doors in Aurora, CO. The founders of the Dental Bar aim to create a dental experience like no other. Channeling the atmosphere of cocktail lounges, the Dental Bar brings that same level of sophistication and relaxation to the world of dentistry. It's dentistry with a modern twist. Visit here to sign up for the VIP waitlist to be notified when the practice starts booking appointments.

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