Keep Your Child Active This Summer

Keep your child active and learning all summer long

Fun, simple activities to keep your child’s body and brain active this summer

Plan family activities or trips

Encourage healthy habits and serve as an example by engaging in family activity. A few options are going on a hike along a nearby nature route, playing soccer in the park, or going on a bike ride with the family through the neighborhood. Try engaging in summertime activities with a water theme to have more fun while avoiding the heat.

Start a garden in your backyard

Growing an outdoor garden can be a fun summertime pastime that will also inspire kids to spend time outside safely. Look for tasks that tiny hands can complete, such as digging, raking, planting, watering, and harvesting. Need plants and supplies? Head over to Industrial Luxury or Nick's Garden Center & Farm Market for your plant and garden supplies.

Take advantage of local pools and recreation centers

Youth facilities are frequently free or inexpensive in many towns. The city of Aurora has community and recreation centers throughout the city, each with its own unique amenities, fitness classes, and activities. To learn more about the summertime resources available to your child, contact your local city or town or visit their website.

Find a new sport your child can try

There are numerous sports that your youngster might enjoy, ranging from baseball and volleyball to basketball and tennis. Numerous sports can be performed at home or head over to Aurora Sports Park. Keep your child active over the summer so they may learn qualities like communication, cooperation, and sportsmanship.

Dance Parties

Turn up the music and have a dance party if everything else fails! Gather the family and get moving with these entertaining dancing techniques. This is something your kids will adore, and it will get their bodies moving in the most enjoyable manner.

Libraries typically offer free summer activities

Children might enroll in the summer reading program or simply visit the library frequently to check out books. Throughout the summer, the Aurora Public Library system offers free activities and programs for families.

Water Games

Water games are a lot of fun and a fantastic way to remain active. Race down one of two water slides or test your courage off the high dive at Del Mar Aquatic Center operated by the City of Aurora, Del Mar has a full water playground, diving boards, water slides, and lots of places to play. Water games are always a hit!

Obstacle Course

A really entertaining summer activity for kids is an obstacle course. Unexpected items from your home or garage make for a terrific setup. Place your goods all about the yard while you watch your kids enjoy a blast! Don't have time to set up the course? head over to a local trampoline and adventure park in Aurora.

Scavenger Hunt

With the help of a scavenger hunt, you can encourage your children to become more physically active while also stimulating their minds. They will enjoy spending that time with you, whether you create it for them or let them assist you in creating it.