Korea's Finest Fried Chicken Has Arrived in Aurora

New to Aurora, bb.q chicken is letting the world taste what makes Korean fried chicken so unique, emphasizing quality.

bb.q Chicken's aim to always serve the most delicious and healthiest premium chicken in the globe led to the establishment of the Best of the Best Quality Franchise in 1995. bb.q Chicken is constantly inspired to create and share only the most delicious flavors with you. We chatted with Youzi Seo to gain insight into his passion for food and the delicious chicken he serves up.

What is your favorite part about opening this restaurant?

It is exciting to share my culture with others who haven’t experienced it yet. Food culture is one of the strongest connections that can be made among people of different races and backgrounds. I am looking forward to introducing how bb.q Chicken differs from other chicken restaurants and why it’s a top-selling restaurant in South Korea.

When did you start your business?

I worked as a software engineer formerly, and now, I’ve become a franchisee. It’s a huge transition in my life, and hopefully, this new chapter is going to open up so many channels to introduce the best quality fried chicken in Colorado state.

Why did you choose Aurora, CO, as a location for business?

Aurora is third the largest city in Colorado state, and the community continues to grow as newcomers keep moving in. This tells me that the city has a diverse culture with a great restaurant scene and is potentially one of the leading markets in Colorado.

I’ve seen so many franchise & local restaurants as well as Asian markets in the area. A lot of families here do love dining in restaurants on a regular basis and as someone new to this industry, I feel confident that Aurora is the best place to start.

How important is a family-friendly environment?

Our restaurant is an excellent choice for families. There are fun and energetic vibes in the restaurant with the latest sporting events, K-pop, and superb food & services. It is important to have families who feel welcome and enjoy their time at our restaurant.

Additionally, I’ve seen a lot of great communities like family homes, parks & playgrounds nearby, which is awesome for attracting new customers who are always searching for ways to spend time with children, spouses, parents, or any other type of family members.

What is unique about your business?

Our marination and frying process makes us unique. It allows our chicken to be so crispy despite adding the sauce. For example, our signature menu item is the Gold Original Chicken which has a very crispy golden skin due to our 2-day marination process and use of the cleanest oil.

This results in a delicate crunch and a tender inside.Also, one of our best sellers is the Honey Garlic Chicken which is coated in our signature sweet soy sauce, topped with garlic for a little kick while still maintaining its crunch and juiciness inside.

How does the business give back to the community?

We have a plan to give back to the veterans by offering them a perpetual 5% discount as well as an 11% discount (up to $22) on the 11th of every month.

As you may know, Aurora is one of the top-ranked areas with the greatest number of veterans and so it would be an honor for us to give back to them for their service with a special discount. Of course, it is not just the veterans we want to give back to so please look forward to the ideas we have in mind.

What does your menu contain? (top 5)

Golden Original, Secret Sauce Chicken, Honey Garlic, and Ddeokbokki. Our top 4 flavors are easily Golden Original, Secret Sauce, Honey Garlic, and Spicy Original.

The fifth item is actually not chicken but traditional Korean street food known as Tteok-bokki. Tteok-bokki is made with simmered rice cakes and a spicy paste called gochujang which acts as the primary ingredient for the sauce. Of course, everything else on our menu is just as incredible so please stop by and try our food!

Check out their full menu here