Best Spots to Grab a Coffee in Aurora

These coffee shops are a treat to check out as they will infuse your day with a cup full of happiness.


Jubliee is your place for classic caffeinated beverages in a decorated and cozy atmosphere. Their on-site small-batch roasting facility fills the space with the beautiful aromas of coffee sourced from around the globe. Stop in for a morning of work or an afternoon of relaxation, either way - you'll love what you find.

Logan House Coffee Company

A local coffee shop with a friendly staff, Logan House Coffee is perfect for a quick pick-me-up. A comfortable setting for trying out new drinks, finishing up some work, or catching up with friends outside. There are eight different espresso drinks available, giving you a plethora of beverage choices. Better still? They offer tasty delicacies.

Lost Coffee

Come for the coffee, stay for the beautiful interior design! Lost Coffee in Aurora is known for its high-quality organic blends. They don’t just serve delicious coffee but also make it really attractive and will deserve a slot in the spotlight! If you want to stay in their shop for a while, that will also be good since they made their place cool and relaxing.


One of the locals' favorite coffee shops, it has built a solid reputation for itself in the state during the years that it has been open. And do you know what their must-try items are? their iced espresso! Simple but incredibly yummy. They also offer cappuccinos or macchiatos that have been artfully topped by their baristas.

Dutch Bros Coffee

This store may receive the most visits from teenagers and young adults. Why? for the simple reason that they offer the most Instagrammable coffee, tea, and snacks! They have unique beverages with extravagant toppings and some mixtures with incredibly eye-catching colors. This deserves to be included in everyone's feed.

The French Press

Quality beans, honest coffee making and mixing process, plus a simple and tranquil ambiance – this is what you should expect in this coffee shop.

Beantree Coffee

This store is definitely worth visiting. The welcoming atmosphere and expertly prepared coffee are definitely reasons to return. Both hot and cold coffee are available, but whichever you choose, it will undoubtedly make you feel more alive.

If you’re looking for the perfect espresso drink, Aurora has endless options! Want to see more food and drink locations we love? Explore Visit Aurora’s Food & Drink page!