Make The Most Out Of Earth Day In Aurora

Earth Day is April 22nd, but all month long, we can take a moment to honor and appreciate our home.

Warm up that green thumb!

Honor Mother Earth by introducing new, lush life into your environment, which helps restore the balance toward sustainability. Planting a tree or laying the foundation for a herb or flower garden may be a fun weekend project for the whole family! Here's an excellent resource for garden centers and florists in Aurora with the expertise to make your green space flourish. Many in Colorado believe in holding off on planting until after Mother's Day due to the potential for "spring freezes," so April may be a good opportunity for preparing and planning.

Help Clean up a trail or Local Park

We're proud to have 99 developed parks, 103 miles of trails, and over 8,000 acres of open space in Aurora. The city works diligently to keep these spaces clean, but often the community comes together to ensure these spaces are welcoming for all. There are many organized cleanups throughout the year, but while you're enjoying the outdoors, you can be proactive by bringing garbage bags or collecting items that can be recycled! Here's a great cleanup event happening in Aurora in 2023.

Buy reusable bags

Americans use 100 billion plastic bags per year, and the production of these bags alone consumes around 12 million barrels of oil. Not to mention that they take up landfill space and pose a severe threat to marine life. Instead, invest in reusable shopping bags that you can take with you on shopping trips.

Ride your bike to work

Jumping on your bicycle lowers your carbon footprint, saves you money on gas and car maintenance, and also gets you moving! The fewer cars on the road, the less carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere, contributing to global warming. Want to try an electric bike? Visit our friends at Pedego at Southlands!

Shop Sustainably

Shopping locally is a great way to support small business owners; it's also a positive way to impact the planet. Zero Market at Stanley Marketplace specializes in organic, toxin-free, plastic-free household products with little to no packaging. You may also want to visit one of our unique markets, many with locally sourced produce and meats. The Local at Southland offers thousands of Colorado-made products and souvenirs as well!

Craft With The Kids To Make These Homemade Bird Feeders

This is yet another fantastic activity that is fun for everyone. With a few simple household items, you can produce these homemade bird feeders, hang them up, and fill them with food for the birds in your neighborhood! Related: We had a chance to catch up with Fendi Despres from the Plains Conservation Center to talk about the flora and fauna in our community.

Conserve Water

Aurora exists in a semi-arid climate, making water a precious resource. The most minor habit changes can make a significant impact. Check your home for running toilets or leaky faucets and install high-efficiency fixtures that limit water waste. Turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving, invest in landscaping that conserves water and is appropriate for our environment, and make sure to follow city watering guidelines. Looking for some water fun? Visit Aurora Reservoir for a slew of aquatic activities.

Grab some energy-saving light.bulbs

Replaciof your old, energy-intensive lightbulbs with energy-saving ones, a straightforward approach to reducing your electricity consumption. Here is a list of the best energy-efficient light bulbs.