Fun Date Night Ideas

Looking for fun and exciting date night ideas in Aurora? We've got you covered for both day and night dates!

Plan ahead. Buy tickets, sign-up online, or do a little research before attending these events and activities.

AMF Aurora Lanes

When it comes to selecting a fantastic date setting, bowling alleys are a great option to take your date, because they contain everything you need! A laidback and fun environment full of people enjoying themselves and having a good time. You'll be able to not only play a fun game in a relaxed setting, but you'll also have access to amazing arcade games, food, and drinks if you need a break.

Selfie @ Stanley

Images of couples being silly or fooling around together are some of the most entertaining. Don't be afraid to photograph these special moments! Check out Selfie @ Stanley for infinite opportunities to create fun moments with your special someone.

The Wreck Room Escape Game

With such a unique date idea, you and your date will create wonderful memories that will last a lifetime. The thrilling experience of exploring this escape room will provide plenty of conversation once your date is complete.

Snowl Ice Cream

Let's be honest, who doesn't like ice cream? An ice cream date is a delicious and pleasant way for you and your partner to spend some quality time together, whether you're going on your first date or have been married for twenty years. Ice cream is always a fun experience.


At first look, it may appear that being a great golfer is required to have a nice time, but this is definitely not the case. If you can have a good time on a putt-putt course, you'll have a great time at Top Golf. A comprehensive menu is available at the Topgolf restaurant, featuring appetizers such as cheese fries and wings, entrees such as sliders, flatbreads, sandwiches, and more, and desserts such as s'mores, sundaes, and donut holes.

Skate City Aurora

Roller skating is an excellent date activity since it is spontaneous, engaging, romantic, and creates lasting memories. While skating around the rink, request "your song" and enjoy the rest of the night with your significant other.

KA-KO Jo's

A good old arcade date night will do the trick if you want to add some fun and nostalgia to your date. Get some tokens, have some fun, and you might even win something! You'll be able to assess how successfully you and your partner collaborate and if they have a competitive edge.

Different Strokes Paint n`Sip

A paint date night is far from boring because it allows you to express yourself. Even if you're just seated, you can eat your favorite finger foods and converse with your companion alongside you while creating something extraordinary with a paint night. Furthermore, you can drink wine while creating art!

Create Kitchen And Bar

Why not try couples cooking class if you're looking for a safe, entertaining, and exciting date night idea? You'll feel perfectly at home in couples cooking class, regardless of your culinary skills. At a couple's cooking class, a chef-instructor will teach you something new, whether it's how to burn toast just perfectly or how to make great German food.



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