Uphold your Healthy Lifestyle in Aurora

The new year is in full swing and many of us have forgotten our New Year resolutions. It is not too late to establish new habits. Here are our choices for healthy living through exercise, food, and fueled-up beverages.

Woman does Yoga

Strength and Fitness

Core Power Yoga
18884 E Hampden Avenue | get directions

Whether you have never tried yoga, or you are seasoned in the exercises, CorePower Yoga has customizable classes for everyone. If you are new to yoga, try the C1 class, which is the basic introductory course with no added heat to the studio room. Check out the Yoga Sculpt class once you are more confident and enjoy the warm temperatures. Hot yoga helps to burn more calories, reduce stress, and improve flexibility.

Aurora Yoga and Tai Chi
4274 S Chambers Road | get directions

Explore holistic yoga and tai chi at this studio. Aurora Yoga and Tai Chi allow for bettering yourself mentally and physically. Tai Chi is similar to yoga but is more dance-like and based on martial arts. Instructor, InYoung Jung, has over 30 years of experience in this unique approach to yoga. There are specialized classes for everyone to partake in. Class times are customizable to what each person needs. Check out what this studio can accomplish for you.

Central Recreation Center
18150 E Vassar Place | get directions

Check out the Central Recreation Center for in-depth fitness classes. From basic to complex classes, there is a range of options. Try a fast-paced Zumba class. Start your day off with the Early Bird Bootcamp which takes you through a thorough full-body workout. Or partake in the central core class to build abdominal strength. If you want to do your own workout and have access to the entire rec center, it is only $5 for a drop in.

Make making a salad at Mad Greens

Healthy Bites

Mad Greens
23973 E Prospect Avenue | get directions

Dive into delicious salads, grain bowls, wraps, and more at Mad Greens. Have a salad with either chicken or tofu. Try a bowl of Colorado green chile accompanied by a tasty chipotle caesar wrap. Order a plate of pita and hummus to share with friends. Pair any option with a fresh juice or non-caffeinated beverage.

Cafe Paprika
13160 E Mississippi Avenue | get directions

Being a part of the community since 1993, Cafe Paprika has been creating delicious and healthy Middle Eastern food. Order a Tajine dish where the meat is simmered with a sauce which makes it fall off the bone. Or try a couscous dish with a dinner salad. Every entree is served with soup or salad which completes the entire meal.

Lunch Wired
12201 E Arapahoe Road | get directions

Lunch Wired has been serving up delicious and healthy bites since the doors opened in 2011. With a variety of Sammis, salads, and bowls, there are definite must-tries. Try the avocado harvest bowl with a side of slaw. Order a steak-n-roll wrap with a spinach tortilla and a side of roasted veggies.

Bent Fork American Grill
12191 E Iliff Ave | get directions

This locally owned restaurant serves up fresh and healthy meals that are absolute must-haves. From salads to roasts, the extensive menu offers up a wide range of healthy choices. Have a tomato fennel bisque and a house salad for a light lunch. Try the seared ahi served with jasmine rice.

Matcha drink at Third Culture Bakery in Aurora Colorado

Alternative Drinks

Third Culture Bakery
9935 E Colfax Avenue | get directions

Third Culture Bakery is the newest gem to the community. Paired alongside rice flour muffins, you can enjoy rejuvenating matcha beverages. Matcha is a type of green tea with various antioxidants and a light amount of caffeine. Try it as either a latte or as a fruit infusion. Whichever drink style you choose, enjoy the vibe of this drink.

Sonder Coffee & Tea
9731 E Iliff Avenue | get directions

Serving up unique and creative drinks since 2016, Sonder Coffee and Tea is a great option for a flavorful drink. Kombucha is a fermented tea and has incredible health benefits and is the best when it is fresh and on-tap. Order one of their mouth-watering, on-tap kombuchas like the mango rose. Or stick to the classic hot tea.

Coco Loco
2353 S Havana Street | get directions

Partake in the wonderful world of juice, acai bowls, and more at Coco Loco. At this family-owned and operated business, you can find all things for healthy living. Have a #3 wellness shot that has lemon and cayenne pepper. Order a fresh-pressed orange juice or a Fruta bomba smoothie. With fourteen options for fresh juices, there are lots of choices for drinks of antioxidants and lots of fruits and veggies.