A Guide to Horseback Riding in Aurora, CO

Discover trail rides, hay rides, and pony rides for kids at these locations for horseback riding in Aurora, Colorado and beyond.

Saddle up for an adventure among the backdrop of the Rocky Mountains. From first-time riders to adventure seekers, here are the top picks for horseback riding in Aurora, Colorado.


5547 S Parker Rd. | get directions

Located inside Cherry Creek State Park, discover the Colorado wilderness differently with 12 Mile Stables. Open year-round; visitors can enjoy more than 3,000 acres of open space as they wander along 27 miles of riding trails. Perfect for groups, riders can choose their own adventure with one to two-hour long rides in different parts of the state park. For families, book a pony ride to introduce your little ones to the love of riding. Paring dinner and riding is always a good idea. Couples and adults are welcome to try their Sunset and Dinner rides which include BBQ beef brisket, chicken, and more homestyle foods on the open range. Visit their website for hours and bookings.


11500 Roxborough Park Rd. | get directions

Discover the foothills of the Rocky Mountains at Chatfield Stables in Colorado. Specializing in trail rides, visitors can explore thousands of acres of open space, including the Platte River. Book rides from an hour to two hours with experienced guides leading the way. If you’re up for an adventure, reserve a saddle for the Waterton Canyon Ride. This 5-hour ride weaves through steep terrain and offers Colorado wildlife viewing along the way. Chatfield Stables also offers pony rides for younger children. Visit their website to complete your booking and learn more.


Rafter Rd. | get directions

Take your kids on an adventure they’ll never forget with Kids & Horses. Perfect for beginners, each horse is well-versed in working with children. Complete with both indoor and outdoor riding options, visitors can take advantage of their equipped facilities and kid-specific riding. In addition to rides, your kids will receive education about brushing, saddling and caring for horses. Read more about booking on their website.


15600 W Morrison Rd. | get directions

Discover trail, hay, and pony rides for the whole family to enjoy. Located in Bear Creek State Park, visitors welcome to discover the 2,600 acres of open prairie space on horseback. Saddle up for hour-long rides, guided by trained horse experts. Sign up for the sunset rides to view the natural beauty of Colorado at dusk. For kids, pony rides are available for 30 min increments. Visit their website to learn more and book your next ride.


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