Sweet Treats You Need to Try

For when "skipping dessert" just isn't in your vocabulary

So, you’ve got a sweet tooth that you can’t kick? We’ve got a few places for you to try! From gourmet chocolate and tasty taffy to edible cookie dough and egg waffle cones – this is the “just desserts” menu around Aurora.

Miette et Chocolat
2501 Dallas St., Suite #176 | get directions

From traditional bonbons to macaroons, this place is the real deal. Renowned pastry chefs and chocolatiers, Gonzalo and David, craft decadent sweets that are perfect in flavor and design. Indulge in one of their many beautiful contemporary chocolates or confections, like the gourmet twix. Everything from Miette et Chocolat is made on-site using pure ingredients.

Ice Cream Las Mariposas
2300 S Chambers Rd. Unit H | get directions

A local favorite, Ice Cream Las Mariposas scoops up traditional ice cream flavors, like tres leches and fruity mangonada. Go big with a Tres Marias – chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream topped off with chocolate, coconut, and cherry syrup. Or visit their candy station to fill up on Mexican sweets. If you’re more of a savory soul, they’ve got a few salty snacks on their menu including nachos and tostilocos.

Trap Tea

2790 S Havana St. Suite U | get directions

This insta-worthy place is filled to the brim with cute and customizable drinks. Trap Tea serves traditional boba teas, milk teas, tea lattes, iced coffees, and more. Their egg waffles, a popular street snack in Hong Kong, are wrapped around ice cream to form a sweet and savory cone. It’s the perfect spot for an afternoon treat.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
6230 S. Main Street Suite 102 | get directions

Like most of us, we can’t just choose one! At Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory, taste a variety of sweet snacks and heavenly chocolates. This candy shop will have you feeling like a kid again with fudge, truffles, caramels and chocolate boxes lining the shelves. They even offer seasonal sweets, like caramel apples and pumpkin spice flavored chocolates.

Milk & Cake
6345 East Hampden Avenue Suite 103 | get directions

Cupcakes and frozen yogurt collide under the same roof at Milk & Cake. Serve up your own frozen yogurt, adding the perfect flavor combinations and toppings. Enjoy one (or a dozen!) handmade cupcakes bursting with unique flavors like Girl Scout Samoa, Almond Poppyseed with Lavender, French Toast and all the classics you’ve come to love. They even have a featured cupcake of the month!


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