The Best Tacos in Aurora

Get your fill of traditional and original tacos at these top Aurora taquerias

Tacos El Metate

This popular eatery draws crowds all across the city because the tacos are really delicious. In particular, their Barbacoa tacos are always a local favorite. Get your tacos to-go and then head to a park to enjoy some prime views while you bask in taco heaven.

Tacos Y Tortas Valentin

Tacos Y Tortas Valentin is one of those rare finds that you’ll remember for years to come because when you first see it, you instantly know it’s going to be good. At $2.00 apiece, their tacos are a solid deal—especially considering the hefty portions of meat you get with each serving.

Taqueria Corona

Experience special, only-in-Aurora at Taqueria Corona. Featuring one of the most unique taco menus in the city, foodies will love the breadth of rotating daily taco specials, including nopales tacos and the extraordinarily Lengua tacos topped with cilantro and onions.

Tacos La Morenita Llc

Tacos that are of excellent quality and reasonably priced! The Asada and birria are popular among locals, but the carnitas and pollo are also excellent choices. The salsa tastes wonderful and has a nice kick to it. Just remember to order your tacos “con todo” to get all the fixings.

Los Tonys Mexican restaurant

Seriously a hidden GEM and one of the BEST authentic Mexican food near Stanley Market, Stapelton, and CU Medical Campus. It’s family-owned, and its dishes bring the flavor of Mexico as though you were on vacation. Whether you choose the punchy carne asada, the zingy chicken, or the Tacos Carne Adobada (the crowd favorite), you will absolutely luxuriate in bold flavors, textures, and general satisfaction.

Tacos Selene

If you enjoy authentic tacos, this place is definitely worth checking out. They are $2 apiece and $1.50 on Tuesdays. The staff is lovely and efficient, and the meals are excellent. They also provide a bar of sauces to add to your tacos. Try this restaurant out first if you're searching for some tasty tacos or Mexican food at an even better price!

La Unica Mexican Food

This modest taco restaurant specializes in reasonably priced tacos al pastor served on warm, fresh tortillas with a touch of lime. Whether topped with carne asada, lengua, or tripe along with a bit of onion and cilantro, the tacos here are textbook, reflecting the skill and consistency of the veteran crew behind the counter.

Taqueria El Valle

Taqueria El Valle in Aurora offers tacos in varieties ranging from al pastor to pollo asado, and taco de deshebrada to lengua. Opt for one of the combos to pair up your taco pick (three tacos) with guacamole and a drink. Tortas, nachos, burritos and more round out the menu.

Tacos el Reydesel

Tacos el Reydesel makes the city’s best birria, full stop. This spot certainly didn’t invent birria, and it definitely wasn’t the first Aurora place serving it—but this place gave birria the headliner status it always deserved. The menu is tight, focused, and flawless. Order a few of the tacos on broth-dipped tortillas, and dunk them into a cup of the mysteriously rich consome.