7 Things to do at Home

Doing your part to flatten the curve doesn’t have to be boring. Explore our top seven things to do from the comfort of your home.

Video Chat with Friends and Family

Between cellphones, laptops, and tablets, we can stay in contact with family and friends than ever before. Send a quick message to your friends or family just to check-in or go big by setting up a virtual happy hour. Game nights are still possible with virtual and online options. Something as simple as a quick video chat can make someone’s day.

Learn a New Skill

Now’s the time to conquer something new! From crocheting and bread making to sketching and coding, everyone has a skill they’ve wanted to learn. Gather the materials and gear up for an online course or easy-to-follow YouTube tutorials.

Cook a Family Recipe

Fill your home with the flavors of family memories. From bread to classic entrées, master the recipe that’s been in your family for generations or teach the kids something you’ve been cooking their whole lifetime. The best cure for homesickness is a home-cooked meal. If you’re not into cooking, consider ordering your favorite eats for delivery.

Shop Online

Bonus points if you’re ordering from a small, local business. Online window shopping can quickly fill your day because the stores never close. Finally, get around to searching for the perfect sneakers or update your wardrobe to match the warmer weather. Maybe you worked up an appetite? Consider ordering takeout or delivery from a variety of Aurora-based restaurants. We created a special Takeout & Delivery page on our website.

Play Cards or a Board Game

Have you played a board game recently? Whether you’re seeking out games from your childhood or looking for a new challenge, board games or a deck of cards can be a fun way to spend an afternoon. Chat with your family or roommates about what games they enjoy (strategy, word games, problem-solving, and more). Then, play on! We’re willing to bet those who “don’t like board games” will have a wonderful time.

Practice Yoga or Fitness Classes

Kick up your fitness routine with an endless supply of online courses. Local options, including FLY Kickboxing, Kindness Yoga, Ubergrippen Indoor Climbing Crag, and CycleBar Southlands, are casually streaming their services on Facebook. Other options include Downward Dog, a free to use yoga app with dozens of workouts.

Take a Break from Screens

It is easy to spend too much of the day bouncing between your phone, television, and laptop. Challenge yourself to reduce screen time throughout the day. Set timers as a reminder to put the computer away, go for a walk without your phone or settle into a good book.