Hispanic-Owned Businesses in Aurora

Immerse yourself in the lively spirit that defines Aurora's Hispanic and Latin influence.

Experience the heartbeat of Aurora's vibrant Hispanic community, where rich expressions of culture and heritage echo through food, art, community, and the thriving tapestry of many Hispanic-owned businesses.

Mexicana Gallery & Décor
651 Potomac St. C, Aurora, CO 80011

Immerse yourself in the spirit of Mexico at Mexicana Gallery and Décor by Cecilia Salazar! Discover vibrant accessories, handcrafted clothing, exquisite jewelry, decor, and art that promise to elevate your wardrobe and decor collection. In collaboration with artisans from different Mexican states, Mexicana is your ultimate destination to infuse your gift list with the rich essence of Mexico. Uncover more about Mexicana Gallery and Décor's story through its feature on Visit Aurora Celebrates!

I Love ME Gems
Where: Located inside Mango House, 10180 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Uncover brilliance and strength at I Love Me Gems! This Aurora-based, woman-owned, and Hispanic-owned jewelry atelier is a haven for exquisitely crafted jewelry. Beyond the sparkle, I Love Me Gems is a tale of empowerment dedicated to supporting fellow women in realizing their dreams. This studio transcends linguistic and cultural boundaries, creating artisanal pieces that resonate with a broader message of growth and unity.

Cuba Bakery & Café
Where: 15028 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Escape to the vibrant streets of Cuba without leaving Colorado! Enter the Cuba Bakery & Café world and embark on an authentic culinary journey. From traditional Cuban dishes like chicken fricassee to delightful desserts such as flan, guava, and pan de mantaquella (butter bread), every bite is infused with a rich history. Learn more about Cuba Bakery & Café through its feature on Visit Aurora Celebrates!

Floreria Celeste
10061 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Elevate your floral experience at Floreria Celeste, a cherished Hispanic and family-owned haven for beautiful flower arrangements. Rooted in a deep love for plants and flowers, each arrangement is a testament to their passion. Searching for the perfect gift? Floreria Celeste is a must-visit, offering uniquely crafted bouquets boxed and vase arrangements tailored for every plant enthusiast in your life.

Mile High Jewelers
Located in Town Center at Aurora, 14200 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Discover the artistry of Mile High Jewelers, where premium craftsmanship meets personalized elegance. Our collection of custom jewelry, ranging from exquisite chains to unique pendants, ensures that every piece is as unique as you are. Elevate your style with the extra shine of personalized luxury, curated just for you by Mile High Jewelers.

La Michoacana
Located in Town Center at Aurora, 14200 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Indulge in the sweetness of everyday moments with Mexican delights like La Michoacana's refreshing paletas and vasitos (cups) that transcend seasons! Inspired by the charm of Michoacán, this beloved establishment has been delighting taste buds with handcrafted frozen treats for decades. From the zing of lime and the tropical allure of mango to the unexpected kick of jalapeño, these paletas are a burst of flavor, offering a delightful escape to an island of taste and time.

El Forastero
Located in Town Center at Aurora, 14200 E Alameda Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Saddle up in style with El Forastero, your ultimate destination for western wear! Explore their extensive catalog featuring intricately crafted cowboy hats and uniquely made leather boots. Whether you're a seasoned cowboy or embracing Western flair, El Forastero is your go-to source for all your Western wear needs.

El Pulgarcito de America En Colorado
1450 S Havana Street, Ste 101, Aurora, CO 80012

Experience the richness of Salvadorian culture at El Pulgarcito de America en Colorado. Immerse yourself in a treasure trove of Salvadorian specialties, from snacks to clothing, all curated within this souvenir shop. Make sure to visit and take a piece of El Salvador home with you!

Pupusas La Salvadoreña

304 Havana St, Aurora, CO 80010

Embark on a journey through El Salvador with the authentic flavors of pupusas at Pupusas La Salvadoreña! Indulge in a menu brimming with classic Salvadoran delights, where each bite promises a taste of tradition. Prepare for your plate to overflow with an abundance of favorites, as Pupusas La Salvadoreña invites you to savor the richness of Salvadoran cuisine in every delicious bite.

Taqueria Corona
2222 S Havana St, Aurora, CO 80014

Elevate your Taco Tuesday experience with Taqueria Corona! Indulge in the irresistible allure of authentic Mexican street-style tacos that satisfy your lunch cravings effortlessly. Immerse yourself in classic flavors with a dash of extra flair in every bite. From mouthwatering tacos to savory carne asada, traditional quesadillas, and tempting sopes—every item on the menu is a must-try. With an array of classics tempting your taste buds, resisting the urge to try just one might be the ultimate challenge!

Pisco Sour Restaurant & Lounge
: 14050 E Evans Ave, Aurora, CO 80014

Enjoy Peru's vibrant culture and rich flavors at Pisco Sour Restaurant & Lounge. Satisfy your cravings for authentic Peruvian cuisine and classic dishes in a lively setting. From ceviche and mariscos (seafood) to flavorful rice dishes, indulgent desserts, and refreshing cocktails, Pisco Sour has it all. You'll find yourself returning for more!

Santiago’s Mexican Restaurant
10400 E 6th Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Ignite your taste buds with a burst of flavor at Santiago's! Feel the heat with their green chile-infused dishes like rellenos, tamales, and tostadas – the burn is simply irresistible. And let's not forget their famous burritos, a staple at Santiago's that speaks to the heart of local cuisine. Whether you're seeking a spicy kick or a hearty breakfast to kickstart your day, Santiago's has you covered.

Real De Minas
Where: Located in Corner Star, 15795 E Briarwood Cir, Aurora, CO 80016

Savor the essence of authentic Mexican cuisine at Real De Minas, a cherished local and family-owned establishment that has been a cornerstone of the Colorado community since 2002! Indulge in a culinary journey with traditional ceviche, molcajetes, and an array of authentic Mexican specialties. A visit to Real De Minas guarantees a delectable outing, where each dish reflects a legacy of passion and flavor.

La Plaza Marketplace
15200 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80011

Embark on a vibrant journey celebrating Hispanic culture at La Plaza Marketplace in Aurora! This bustling hub is a tapestry of local vendors and Mercado stalls, showcasing the richness of the Latino community. Gather your friends for a culinary adventure, indulging in the flavors of La Plaza's fantastic food trucks, such as Tacos Y Pollos Za Za Za Za and La Casita, among others. Immerse yourself in the Hispanic community's diverse culinary offerings. But that's not all—La Plaza also boasts a family entertainment center and a playground, ensuring a fun outing for all.

Leche y Miel
12415 E Mississippi Ave, Aurora, CO 80012

Visit Leche Y Miel, a haven of handcrafted and refreshing treats with a twist. Indulge your cravings with a tempting selection of ice cream, fruit popsicles, and crepes. This spot is your go-to for cooling down and savoring the sweetness of summer or all year long!

Panderia el Paisa Bakery
9541 E Colfax Ave, Aurora, CO 80010

Enjoy Panderia el Paisa Bakery, where pan dulce and conchas reign supreme! The array of breads and pastries is so vast that choosing becomes a delightful challenge. From traditional breads and cakes to tempting cookies, this panderia is a haven for Hispanic baked goods. Gather with a friend and enjoy the perfect pairing of a concha and a cup of coffee!

Explore Hispanic-Owned Businesses at Stanley Marketplace 2501 Dallas St, Aurora, CO 80010

Cheluna Brewing Company

Experience the unique blend of craft and culture at Cheluna Brewing Company, Colorado's pioneering Latin-owned brewery founded by the dynamic duo Jen and Javi Perez. Infused with the spirit of Oaxaca, Mexico, Cheluna stands as a gem in Aurora, delivering award-winning brews in a vibrant atmosphere. Beyond the beer, Cheluna fosters community with running and homebrewer groups and a calendar brimming with exciting events. Your visit to Cheluna is not just about beer; it's an invitation to join a spirited community! Hear more about Cheluna's story by listening to our Gateway to the Rockies Podcast here!

MindCraft Makerspace

Embark on a journey beyond a traditional toy store at MindCraft Makerspace, guided by owner & CEO Dr. Cristina Hartman. It's a haven for children, where imagination takes flight and conquering challenges becomes second nature. With workshops, camps, and cutting-edge educational programs, MindCraft unleashes young inventors through the latest technologies like 3D printers, laser cutters, crafting tools, and more. Learn more about MindCraft through its feature on Visit Aurora Celebrates!

Create Kitchen and Bar

Indulge your passion for home-cooked perfection at Create Kitchen & Bar, brought to life by the culinary expertise of owners/chefs Diego Coconati and Erasmo (Ras) Casiano. Experience the harmonious fusion of their love for food and creativity, transforming cooking into an accessible art for all. Offering an array of classes featuring dishes from across the globe, Create Kitchen & Bar becomes your gateway to a culinary escape—a creative haven for unforgettable date nights or family outings. Learn more about Create Kitchen and Bar on our Gateway to the Rockies podcast here or watch their feature on our YouTube page!

Maria Empanadas

Experience the authentic flavors of Argentina in the heart of Aurora. At Maria Empanadas, a cherished Hispanic-owned gem, savor the magic of exquisite empanadas that effortlessly transport you to the bustling streets of Cordoba. Inspired by owner Lorena's cherished childhood memories in Argentina, each bite at Maria Empanadas is a flavorful journey, inviting you to immerse yourself in the rich culinary tapestry of Argentina, one empanada at a time.


Venture to Comida, where the soulful flavors of Mexican street food seamlessly blend with the warmth of the American South. Share delectable small plates with friends and immerse yourself in a community-driven atmosphere, where every bite is a delightful fusion of cultures and a celebration of great taste.

Casas Artesanias

Dive into the rich heritage of Hispanic traditions at Casa Artesanías, a captivating pop-up showcasing a unique collection of handmade treasures. This intimate space beckons you to explore its vibrant world of craftsmanship and culture, from intricately woven pieces and vibrant textiles to exquisite pottery and other artistic goods.

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