Best fishing spots in and around Aurora

If you're like many fishing enthusiasts, when the weather breaks and spring finally arrives, you can't wait to hit the water and start angling again. Here are the best fishing spots in Aurora, Co.

Aurora Reservoir
5800 S. Powhaton Rd.

Aurora Reservoir is over two miles long and a half-mile wide, providing lots of close-in water activities for boating and fishing. The public has access to a boat launch ramp, bathrooms, and a scuba beach. Anglers can target bass, catfish, walleye, trout, perch, and muskies. Nearly 7 miles of shoreline is available for fishing from the bank.

Quincy Reservoir
18350 E. Quincy Ave.

Quincy Reservoir has 160 acres of water surface and is recognized for trout, largemouth bass, perch, and crappie by metro fishermen. From March to October, only artificial flies and lures are permitted to be used for fishing. Anglers will have a unique fishing experience.

Cherry Creek Reservoir
4201 S Parker Rd

Anglers in the area prefer big walleyes, large rainbow trout, and hybrid striped bass. Bass and catfish are also popular, and the lake has thriving populations of both. Restaurants, shops, bait and tackle shops, and hotels are all located on or around the lake.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal
6550 Gateway Rd.

One of the country's largest urban wildlife refuges is the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. It's a haven away from the stress and bustle of city life, where time flows at the pace of nature. It's simple to escape to nature here, with its panoramic views, animal viewing chances, and fishing opportunities. Northern pike, largemouth bass, and bluegill are all found in Lake Ladora.

Fly Fishing outside Aurora

Boulder Canyon
Boulder Creek Fishing Map

Boulder Creek is a fantastic brown trout fishery with many different types of angling opportunities. Anglers can catch fish in the town of Boulder, Colorado, or work their way up the front range of the Rockies to less-traveled waters. This is a little creek fisherman's fantasy, with small water regions, larger pockets, and plenty of miles.

Deckers Fishing Map

Deckers can be excellent for dry fly fishing on occasion, but upstream in "The Canyon," will provide the best opportunity to capture most of the fish. Anglers can anticipate catching a variety of browns and rainbows, some of which are over 20 inches long. The river has riffles, runs, shelves, and gravel bars, as well as some good pocket water.

Clear Creek
Clear Creek Fishing Information

Clear Creek is a tributary of the South Platte River that is around 66 miles long and can be accessed in less than 20 minutes from Denver. Clear Creek begins near Loveland Pass and the Eisenhower Tunnel on Interstate 70 in western Clear Creek County, near the continental divide. In the canyon between Idaho Springs and Golden, wild brown trout prevail, with a population of 1,100 fish per mile. If you're short on time, fishing upstream of Golden, just 25 minutes from Denver Union Station, can be a wonderful close fly-fishing fix.

Colorado River
Colorado River Fishing Map

The Colorado River is a fantastic spot to take in all of Colorado's natural splendor, including excellent opportunity to catch huge brown trout. The Colorado River begins high in Rocky Mountain National Park and drains the state's largest basin. The Colorado River is a fantastic river to explore, with deep canyons, panoramic meadows, and breathtaking peaks.