Top things you need to do this summer

Here are a couple of ideas you can pull off with very little planning to make fun summer memories.

Spend the Day on the Water

A spot by the water is the best way to enjoy the last few days of summer, whether you're having brunch on a boat, dining on the dock, or swimming in the lake.

Visit a trampoline and adventure park

There are a ton of thrill-seeker attractions and adventure parks in Aurora that will take your family’s Colorado vacation to the next level. Here are a few of the best Aurora, Colorado adventure parks you won’t want to miss.

Visit A State Park

Every summer, millions of Americans visit national parks, but how frequently do we neglect the state parks that are literally in our backyard? Look for kid-friendly activities like swimming, boating, fishing, hiking, birdwatching, or geocaching.

Take a mini-road trip

Take to the open road in summer; it's the ideal season for exploration. Allow each passenger to select a location to visit, an activity to partake in, or a restaurant to visit.

Catch a Sunset at Cherry Creek

Even if you don't travel very far, there's nothing like watching the setting sun while surrounded by nature. Cherish all the beauty in every sunset as much as possible, and you’re not going to regret a second of it!

Read a Book in the Park

Get some much-needed vitamin D while giving your electronics a break. Whether you choose to sit near one of the beautiful fountains or in the middle of the aromatic Rose Garden, you can’t go wrong when it comes to reading in a local Park.

Discover a Signature Summer Cocktail

The finest season to enjoy a cool beverage is during the summer. Whether you crave a softly lit atmosphere and a romantic bottle of wine, funky dancing with cocktails, or a sunny patio and a pitcher of beer, you can find it in Aurora. Here are a couple of our favorite spots right here in Aurora, Co.

Plan a Lawn Game Tournament

Croquet! Mini golf! Cornhole! You can play so many traditional outdoor games with your friends and family. Divide your crew into teams, engage in some friendly rivalry for a day, and then name one of your crew members the ultimate outdoor champion.

Pack a Picnic

There's nothing better than enjoying some fresh air on a warm day—especially if food is involved! A relaxing picnic doesn't have to be a big planned event; fill a basket with a few favorite treats, grab a friend, and head outside.