Nov 1, 2019

CSAE Monthly Luncheon

Location: The Westin Denver International Airport

8300 Peña Boulevard
Denver, Colorado 80249

Time: 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

CSAE Monthly Luncheon

“On Fire at Work" How Great Leaders Ignite Passion in Their People Without Burning Them Out” Eric Chester, CSP, CPAE. From interviewing C-level leaders across all industries, Eric Chester has uncovered the practices and principles that award-winning companies and great leaders are using to go beyond merely engaging today’s rapidly changing workforce to ignite what he terms “On Fire performance.”
Through a highly entertaining multi-media presentation, audience members discover the best practice ideas, tactics, and strategies to consistently attract and retain top talent, encourage innovation and collaborative thinking, and instill the desire to out-perform yesterday’s best. Based upon the groundbreaking research in his fifth leadership book, On Fire at Work: How Great Companies Ignite Passion in Their People without Burning Them Out, leaders, managers, and supervisors walk away with actionable ideas for building an invincible army of entrepreneurs who take pride and ownership in their work.
Attendees will discover the secrets and proven strategies to
Consistently attract top talent.
On board new employees to make a lasting impression and cement their commitment.
Eliminate employee burn out, significantly reducing costly turnover.
Remain relevant with the emerging workforce as they develop young talent into future leaders.
Create a pipeline of talent.
Inspire friendly, smiling, knowledgeable customer service.
Determine ‘better fits’ to ensure that team members are safe bets for long-term employment.
Create, develop, and reinforce the “7 pillars of an On Fire workplace culture”.