Dec 7, 2023

Pre Calentado 2023

Admission: $35

Location: Stampede

2430 S. Havana St
Aurora, CO 80014

Time: 7:30 PM to 1:00 AM

This event has expired and is here for your information.

Pre Calentado 2023

El Pre Calentado is a pre-celebration of the Christmas or winter holidays, y las Fiestas Navideñas around Latin America. This event is a great opportunity to share the Christmas spirit and our experiences of how these celebrations are celebrated in each place where the entertainers are originally from. These Festivities are especially important because of the richness that traditions have permeated our culture. "El Pre Calentado 2023" will be a celebration concert among the community.



Ronda Machetera is the musical project that unites the talents of Ronda Bogotá from "Celso Piña" and Pato Machete from "Control Machete," two prominent figures in the music scene. With a fusion of Cumbia and Hip-Hop, he has managed to combine the best of both genres.

Ronda Machetera performs a selection of songs by Celso Piña and Control Machete, such as "La Cumbia Sampuesana," "Cumbia Sobre el Río," "Si Señor," "Comprendes Mendes," and " Así Son Mis Días."

The final result is a unique mix. Ronda Machetera has stood out for its great performance in live performances, always managing to please its audience through a captivating combination of rhythms (hip hop/cumbia) full of energy with catchy melodies that invite you to enjoy and enjoy a good dance.

Ronda Machetera provides an exceptional musical experience to its audience that is evident in each performance.


Latin Ska Band based in Denver, CO, Roka Hueka carries the flag of Latin Ska High, mixing Rock, Cumbia, Punk, and unique sounds that will take you on a musical journey full of positivity and dance.

Roka Hueka was named among the ten best Latin bands in Colorado, and they continue to showcase the Rico Sabor Ska!DUGO Entertainment created an incredible Christmas party full of music and art to give the community the best, and this year, they'll be doing it again!


From Fort Collins, CO, comes this extraordinary Ska Punk band that will make you jump with its great energy and powerful sounds.

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