Psychic Cold Case Investigations

Location: Central Library
Address: 14949 E. Alameda parkway

Do you have psychic medium gifts with an interest in using those gifts to help victims and families of unsolved murders and missing person(s)? 
Join Intuitive Medium and Psychic Investigator Troy Griffin, on January 14, 2017, to learn more about psychic cold case investigations.

In this class, Troy will discuss missing person(s), Criminal Justice, Criminal Psychology, Statistics, Sex Crime, Serial Killers, Arson, Decomposition, Teeth, Face Reading, DNA, Investigative Techniques, How Troy works his cases, Legal Disclaimers, Investigation Terms & Disclosures.

Troy Griffin is a practicing Intuitive Medium and Psychic Investigator working on unsolved murders and cold cases around the world. Troy and his work have been featured on various television programs including: ABC News Nightline, the CW, CW San Diego Living, ABC News7 NY, Eye Opener television and others. Troy has also been featured in the NY Post, Kansas Wichita Eagle along with others and on radio stations across the nation.

Troy has worked on 100+ cases over the past 6 years and is currently working on: Long Island Serial Killer case (17 victims / 8 identified), Gwinnett County Serial Killer, and the disappearance of Kelsie Schelling, Colorado.

In this class, you will work on a closed and open case with final take-home exam.
Seating is limited to 30 people. Register now to reserve your space. 
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