Stanley: Tapas & Tempranillo – Cooking with Chef Maggie O’Toole

Location: The Infinite Monkey Theorem

Ditch ‘Taco Tuesday’ and come out for a ‘Tapas Tuesday’ with one of Denver’s favorite cooking teachers, Chef Maggie O’Toole! 

After grabbing your complimentary glass of wine, you will receive a demo of fast and fun classic Spanish Tapas, prepare your own, wander to the various “play stations” and finally eat and enjoy your delicious tapas. The portions each attendee prepares is enough to be considered a filling meal.


🍴Tortillas de Camarones (Shrimp Fritters)

🍴Pan Tomate 
(Fresh bread with a grated tomato and garlic spread)

🍴Patatas Bravas 
(Fried potatoes w/ herbs and tomato aioli sauce)

🍴Lamb Meatballs in a yogurt and spicy tomato sauce, garnished w/mint and pickled red peppers

Try your luck and bring your dollar bills with you! There will be 6 raffles that evening. 5 spice towers ($2/ticket) and one Fry Daddy ($4/ticket)