Lewis Warren, Monkey Paw Toys

Aurora native Lewis Warren is a testament to taking your passion & making it a career. Monkey Paw Toys, located on Havana Street, is a wondrous shop filled with rare comics, contemporary art, and collectible toys, drawing global attention from Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

Debbie Sam & Pamela Sam-Duval, Sam's Meats and Deli

A legacy spanning three generations, Sam's Meat and Deli has served Aurora for more than 40 years. Through sourcing high-quality meats & maintaining a sense of community with her customers, Debbie Sam has carried on her father's dream while leading a new generation to helm this important institution.

Stacey Miller, Milly's Community Café

Nestled inside Aurora’s Elevation Christian Church, you’ll find Milly’s Community Café, a cozy and creative space specializing in locally sourced coffee beverages and freshly baked and crafted menu items. Through attention to detail and fostering an environment of community, owner Stacey Miller has created one of the most highly-rated eateries and cafés in the city.

Precious Czeczok, The Hair Fetish Experience

By offering an array of services from a talented & diverse team, The Hair Fetish Experience has become one of the highest-rated salons in the greater metro area, owned by third-generation entrepreneur and cosmetologist Precious Czeczok, who carries the legacy of her family & a spirit of service in everything that she does.

Katie Goldman, La Victoria Healing Kitchen

In the heart of the Aurora Cultural Arts District, you’ll find La Victoria Healing Kitchen, created by the vision of Architect Katie Goldman. This community space was created as a small business incubator, supporting chefs, bakers, and makers who craft products that promote health & wellness while seeking to uplift community well-being.

Betsy Lay, Lady Justice Brewing

Social entrepreneur Betsy Lay is a co-founder of Lady Justice Brewing. This women-owned, minority-owned, & LGBTQ+ owned business in the Colfax arts district of Aurora also serves as an important community gathering space. Almost all of their profit benefits organizations that serve women and girls in Colorado.

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