Dr. Mordecai Brownlee, Community College Of Aurora

Community College of Aurora serves nearly 12,000 students a year, offering more than 40 degree & certificate programs at the most diverse college in the state. President Dr. Mordecai Brownlee discusses the vital student services that support the CCA student body, & its continuous cultural & academic evolution.

Chance Horiuchi, On Havana Street

Aurora is the most diverse city in Colorado, a strength brought to life On Havana Street. This special business improvement district is home to roughly 2100 businesses that represent dozens of global cultures bonded in one 4.3-mile community. Chance Horiuchi, the executive director of On Havana Street is its fiercest advocate and biggest fan. We get a glimpse at her story and insight into this dynamic, thriving cultural center.

Collen Warner, Colorado Rapids

Colorado Rapids midfielder Collen Warner began his soccer journey as a standout at Denver East High School. His career has taken him from sharing the pitch with English Premier League stars to playing abroad & returning to his hometown MLS team. Warner opens up about the psychology behind the business of pro-sports & what it's like to be featured in one of the most popular video games in the world.

Heather Dearman, 720 Memorial Foundation

In the aftermath of the horrific Aurora theater shooting in 2012, The 720 Memorial Foundation was founded to carry out the fundraising, planning, and oversight of the construction of the permanent 7/20 memorial. Ten years later, CEO Heather Dearman, personally touched by the tragedy, reflects on the last decade & sheds light on the powerful events scheduled to commemorate the survivors, & those lost.

Ben King & Miguel Bencomo, Kingcomo's Quesadillas

From high school friends to business partners, Ben King & Miguel Bencomo launched Kingcomo's Quesadillas as a food cart in Boulder. Their endeavor has expanded to a ghost kitchen concept in the Towncenter at Aurora with delicious & modern flavors for this old-school comfort food.

Amanda Blaurock, Village Exchange Center

Eighty percent of Colorado's immigrant and refugee population lives in a vibrant Northwest Aurora neighborhood. The Village Exchange Center has become an anchor to that community, providing valuable resources, programs, & opportunities. Co-founder Amanda Blaurock discusses how VEC personifies the idea of "being the change you want to see in the world."

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