Caroline Glover, Annette Scratch To Table

2022 James Beard award-winning chef Caroline Glover is no stranger to culinary acclaim. Her first restaurant Annette was named one of the 50 best new restaurants in the country by Bon Appétit magazine. With a mission to prepare simple, high-quality food that's meant to be shared by people she dearly loves, Caroline Glover has become a sensation in Aurora and beyond.

Priscilla Smith, Cora Faye’s Cafe

For more than 15 years, Cora Faye’s Cafe has been the authority in the metro area for "home cookn' & soul food." Through her infectious charisma & by honoring family recipes traced back to the 19th century, Priscilla Smith is at the helm of an Aurora institution that has garnered national buzz & a loyal local fanbase.

Javi Pérez Koch & Jennifer Pérez, Cheluna Brewing Co.

The brainchild of ER physician Javi Pérez Koch & lifelong public servant Jennifer Pérez, Cheluna is the first Latin-owned and operated craft brewery in Colorado. By infusing German beer traditions with Latin flavors, Javi & Jennifer have masterfully blended scientific precision with culinary creativity in a space that amplifies a sense of community & honors culture.

Vanessa Guzman, Chef In A Box

In 2013 Vanessa & Leo Guzman turned their love of cooking & entertaining for family & friends into a thriving food truck business. Built from the ground up & strategically located at home improvement stores, Chef in a Box is far from your run-of-the-mill hot dog stand. By using locally sourced quality ingredients and elevated, creative recipes, Chef in A Box has become a popular culinary sensation in Aurora.

Aaron Gonerway, Plates By The Pound BBQ

Aurora's best-kept BBQ secret is secret no more. Fueled by his family roots, Aaron Gonerway left the corporate world, tapped into his Texas heritage, & launched Plates By The Pound BBQ. Through word of mouth & social media, Plates By The Pound BBQ has become a local sensation attracting lines around the block from throngs of Aaron's dedicated fans.

Scott Davenport, Heirlooms Antique Mall

In a world dominated by e-commerce & generic big box stores, Heirlooms Antique Mall is proving in-person shopping can be fascinating & experiential. This 14,000 sq ft. space on Havana Street is curated by 65+ vendors featuring oddities, curiosities, & valuable antiquities. Owner Scott Davenport gives us an inside perspective about why his shop is listed as one of the top things to do in Aurora.

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