Stephanie Klaviter, Triple Crown Sports

More than 18,000 fast-pitch softball players representing over 1100 teams across the country descend on the Aurora area for the Colorado 4th of July tournament. This marquee event is run by Triple Crown Sports tournament director and accomplished former pitcher Stephanie Klaviter.

Poonam Moore, Poonam's By Design

Aurora resident for nearly 30 years, Poonam Moore is the co-star of "Rico To The Rescue" on HGTV. She also owns Poonam's By Design, an interior design firm that offers beautiful home remodeling and home design services based in the Southlands Lifestyle Center.

James Grevious, Rebels In The Garden

Veteran Master Sergeant James Grevious created Rebels in The Garden to teach the children in his family how to cultivate food in their own backyard. That ambition evolved into Rebel Marketplace, a bi-monthly farmer's market at Aurora's Del Mar Park that provides a vital community space for local growers & vendors and teaches valuable business skills to future generations.

Kim Stuart, City of Aurora

Kim Stuart has served as the Communications & Marketing Director for the city of Aurora for more than 30 years. Her department's initiatives include Access Aurora, AuroraTV, & The Aurora Eats Guide, which features nearly 300 authentic, specialty restaurants representing countries on almost every continent.

Aaron Vega, The People's Building

A burgeoning community arts scene is emerging on historic Colfax avenue in Aurora. The People's Building offers a space where artists of all disciplines can explore, educate, & perform. Similarly, The Colfax Canvas Mural Festival adds world-class art to the heart of Aurora's Arts District, giving voice to the artists of our diverse community. At the helm of these institutions is Aaron Vega, a talented artist in his own right.

Fendi Despres, Plains Conservation Center

One of the gems of Aurora is The Plains Conservation Center, a nature preserve & educational space that showcases pioneer and indigenous life from the late 1800s. It encompasses over 1100 acres of short grass prairie with breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountains. Biologist & Natural Resource Specialist, Fendi Despres, explains why this ecosystem is so vital.

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