10 Thanksgiving Activities to Bring the Whole Family Together

Before the turkey comes out of the oven and even after you've finished washing the last dish, here are some activities to do on Thanksgiving.

Run in a Turkey Trot

Unfamiliar with the Turkey Trot? Get ready for a mind-blowing experience. The idea is a little run usually performed on Thanksgiving morning so you may take in the cool autumn air while preparing for the upcoming feast! Here are some of our favorite trails in Aurora, Colorado.

Get Ready for Black Friday

After Thanksgiving, the busiest shopping day of the year begins, leaving you little time to consider what you actually want to buy. Make a list of Black Friday items to buy in advance for your friends and family so you may take advantage of the sales without buying things you don't actually need. Need some ideas? Check out our holiday shopping guide blog!

Stock up on Thanksgiving Cookies

Yes, pies are fantastic and a need for Thanksgiving, but they're not the only delectable treat to enjoy on Turkey Day! Order a batch of cookies from Cookies By Design, which is an excellent spot for a quick treat, and customer service is top-notch.

Volunteer at a Food Bank

It's the season of giving! Spend your Thanksgiving morning helping at a soup kitchen or food shelter to give back to the Aurora neighborhood. You naturally feel accomplished when you volunteer since you are assisting others and the community. Ansar Pantry is a community food bank that offers food and other resources to members of the community.

Get Your PSL Fix

Aurora is filled with fantastic Coffee spots. From unique, festive creations to traditional hand-ground brews, you're sure to find the perfect warm beverage to fuel your Thanksgiving. Try Jubilee Roasting Co. for classic caffeinated beverages in a decorated and cozy atmosphere. Their on-site small-batch roasting facility fills the space with the beautiful aromas of coffee sourced from around the globe. Logan House Cofee Company brings an artful approach to your coffee cravings with unique bakery offerings as well (try their pop-tart, trust me). Legends Cofee is another bright spot, with a passion for coffee and a focus on sustainability.

Go for a family Hike

After all that turkey, do you feel full? Go on a holiday hike with your family to burn it off. Additionally, it's a wonderful chance to take in some sunlight! Here are our favorite trails for fall Trails.

Catch a Movie

Going to the movies can be just what the doctor ordered after spending the entire day indoors. One of the best (and busiest) occasions to see a new movie is over the Thanksgiving holiday. To avoid missing out, research times and purchase tickets in advance. Check out this blog for our favorite movie theatres in Aurora, Colorado.

Get in the Christmas Spirit

A common Thanksgiving custom is taking the whole family to go select a Christmas tree. Christmas preparations have already begun at several tree nurseries. Nothing puts you in a festive Christmas spirit like the scent of freshly cut pine trees. Get a hand-selected Christmas tree at your local neighborhood Christmas tree Company in the Stanley Marketplace.

Thanksgiving Potato Sack Race

This time-tested classic will get everyone moving and help you burn off some of that pumpkin pie. As adults and children alike attempt to race to the finish line, this family-friendly game demands tremendous ability and is certain to give some stomach-clutching humor. Here are some local parks to host the race.

Family horseback riding

Buckle up! You'll appreciate riding a horse along the forest trails in the fall if you're searching for a fun way to pass the time before the big Thanksgiving meal. You'll get a beautiful view of the changing leaves, and it's an awesome family activity. Book your trip to 12 Mile Stables ahead of time, as slots fill up pretty quickly!

For more festive fall activities, check out Visit Aurora's Event Page